Comic Situation

I have been a diehard comic book reader, collector and fan since I was old enough to read and tie a towel around my neck for a makeshift cape.  Despite many sincere attempts to try quitting throughout my life, I’ve never been able to give them up, and I continue to purchase and read new comics every month, browse for, and bid on, books on eBay, and try to get to local comic conventions and sales whenever possible. Any time we are away, I always have my eye open (and check the Google) for local comic shops and Antique shops that might have a hidden stash of comics tucked in some corner.

The downside of having this hobby, and such a large collection (about 10,000 books, to date), is that it takes up a lot of room in my house, and keeping them organized can be very time consuming. I keep newly purchased books in one set of boxes until I have time to file them away with my main collection. Tonight was one of my bi-annual massive inventory, filing and re-shifting of the comics. I refer to this as “playing with my comics.”  It is rarely a one day project, often starting on Friday, continuing through the weekend, and ending late Sunday. I was ambition starting late in the day on a Saturday, but the itch hit so I dove in.

This is what my Comic Book Room (aka Guest Room aka Green Lantern Room aka Jim’s Room) looks like right now:

This is the closet where “recent acquisitions” wait to be filed


This is the crawl space on the opposite side of the room, that’s not very pretty, but is perfect for storing 24 boxes of comics, with enough space for me to crawl in and access the books. That’s my laptop with my excel spreadsheet inventory. (This space also doubles as storage for our extra bed linens.)


Books and boxes spread out across the floor


New, unread books sit on the bed, (and on the floor) being protected by a tower of stuffed giraffes


I spent about 5 hours working on them today, but had to quit for the night…my knees and back aren’t what they used to be, and those boxes get heavy, after a while, lifting and moving them around.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Comic Situation

  1. You have quite the… collections!

  2. Your are one of the tidiest bloggers I have ever read.

  3. uh, didn’t that used to be jeffrey’s office? and didn’t I sleep in that bed? it sure wasn’t painted green lantern colors then! 🙂

  4. Urspo says:

    Wow! Groovy! Neat with a beet!

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