Nappy Headed

3 tired bears on their way home from the Big Apple.

Well, we managed to pull off a successful Birthday weekend for Jeffrey. We saw two shows: Drop Dead Perfect at the Theatre at St. Clement’s (I’d heard an interview with the lead actor, Everett Quinton, on NPR, and thought it would be a fun addition to the weekend)  and Naked Boys Singing at the Kirk Theater  (A favorite of ours, as we’ve seen it over 20 times) which I knew would be a sure hit.  Before, In-between and after the shows, we had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, drinks at Posh on 51st Street, dinner at Urbo back in Times Square, and ended the night with cocktails at the lounge in our hotel (Marriott) at a table overlooking Times Square, before calling it a night. This morning, we grabbed breakfast in the hotel before heading to the train station. My plans for Jeffrey’s birthdays have not always panned out in the past, but this year, I think we nailed it! The plethora of eye-candy didn’t hurt, either. We may all have to be checked for whiplash.

It was a great time with my favorite guys but, if I’m being honest, I am happy to be out of the heat, hustle-bustle, and swarms of people and can’t wait to be home and relaxing with our 4-pawed kids, in relative peace and quiet.

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5 Responses to Nappy Headed

  1. Urspo says:

    what a lovely photo; behold the three Graces.

  2. SWEET! sounds like jeffrey had a great birthday. now did you get any pix of the eye candy to share with us?

  3. Raybeard says:

    Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz. The sounds of contentment after an AB-FAB time!

  4. Ron says:

    One FABULOUS birthday celebration!

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