We are at a Saturday morning vet appointment for Rita Mae (the white Jack Russel terrier mix, for those not in the know). As a matter of course, we always bring the sibling along as companion for the patient at these appointments. As it is Rita’s turn to be poked and prodded, Harvey (the black Chihuahua Mix) gets to be the bedside buddy.

I am grateful we have the means and ability to have our dogs seen for regular check-ups. Their health and well being are as important to us as our own. But there is stress involved with these visits. They are both exciteable dogs and very vocal. Despite being surrounded by pet-savvy people, I feel like the equivalent of those parents with unruly children who can’t sit down or quiet down. We do our best to hold their attention and keep them calm and quiet, but the myriad of sights, sounds and smells at the Pet store/vet’s (it’s a Petsmart combo) are to stimulating for them not to react to them. By the time the visit is over, we are all exhausted and glad to be going home.

Still, better safe than sorry, when it comes to our loved ones’ health.

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4 Responses to Pet-agree

  1. Mark in DE says:

    That’s interesting – I never thought of taking both dogs (for support) to the vet when only 1 has an appointment.

  2. Yeah! I haven’t seen Harvey and Rita Mae in months!
    We use Petsmart/ Banfield for our pack of six as well.

  3. Raybeard says:

    So sweet they could be forgiven ANYthing! Well, maybe MOST things.

  4. aw, who could NOT fall madly in love with harvey and rita mae?

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