I’m struggling with choices in my life that involve assessing what I want vs what I need. I have tended to live a more practical life, but there are definitely some indulgences I have enjoyed along the way. I am at a point where there are things I want that would require sacrifices but seem more appealing than choosing the cheaper, easier, more responsible route. When should want trump need, if ever?

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6 Responses to Choices

  1. Sluggy says:

    I say as long as you aren’t going into debt for it, indulge!
    But then again, that’s responsible old fuddy duddy me……

  2. Doug says:

    I’m exactly there, too. How to do it without resentment. That’s the challenge.

  3. Urspo says:

    The older I get the less I suggest going for the certain comfortable logic safe route.

  4. jayinrva says:

    You know what? It’s on a case by case basis. I try to balance needs and wants (which is what this boils down to, right?). I do indulge…trips to England, new radios for my ham radio habit, buying the boy dinners, a new lens or other camera toy. But the bills get paid first, I try to add to savings, and make some contributions to orgs I support. It’s not too hard, and I am NOT well paid for what I do. But the future rewards are worth it (retirement).

    Truly, to live a happy life, I must sometimes sacrifice, but also make sure I am responsible. A balancing act, especially when I REALLY REALLY want something!

    Peace ❤

  5. javabear says:

    That is a question for the ages.

  6. Raybeard says:

    Sounds like the old story of ‘heart’ and head’. I’ve written before on this (possibly on your very own blog), that I was given some advice some years ago which I like to apply in such circumstances; viz “In a choice between heart and head, choose the heart. it may not be right in every single instance, but it’s USUALLY right”.
    If you’ve not heard that one before maybe it will help a little in solving some of your dilemmas.

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