TMI Thursday: You Gotta Have Friends…

1. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

Yup. I called him God. *smirk*

Also, I befriended what we called "tickle bugs" when I lived in Arizona. They were small black water beetles that were all over the place, especially near our leaking hose faucet in my back yard. If you held them in your palm, they would tickle as they walked across your hand, hence they were "ticklebugs." I would pick them up, put them in my Tonka truck, and "drive" them across the patio or yard, as my little naïve mind believed that’s where they were all going and I could help them get there faster. One beetle was my pet/best friend/favorite beetle, "Herman" whom I would carry around and talk to and tell secrets too. In fact, Herman was whatever ticklebug I happened upon first, as I always believed it was Herman waiting for me to pick him up and hang out with him. My oldest brother would be forever stepping on a ticklebug and laughing that he had "killed Herman." But I always knew better, that it was never Herman, although I was still hurt that he would kill Herman’s (and my) friends.

2. Are you still friends with your BFF or anyone from your youth?

I have no remaining friends from my youth, for the most part. The longest friendships I currently maintain are two from my Jr. High/High school days (1988-1989) and a handful from College (1989-1991).

3. Who is your best friend now? (SO’s excluded)

I have to break the rules here: I have TWO best friends – Jeffrey and Jim, and my relationship with each of them exceeds anything I’d ever imagined possible. I’m not sure any word you could come up with could adequately, completely describe exactly what they mean to me, but "Best Friend" is definitely a component. I love them both dearly and they have each proven to me time and again that their love and friendship are unconditional and, apparently, here to stay, no matter how hard I try to fuck it up.

4. Do you have same sex friends of the opposite orientation?

I’m counting my friend, Brian, who passed away last year, who is still a big part of my heart and memories. I currently have one other heterosexual man I would consider a friend. I have also met one other heterosexual man that I felt a strong connection with and was instantly "friend-smitten" with, that I have NO doubt I could/would become closer friends with if distance and circumstances didn’t prevent us from hanging out. He really seemed like a super man!

5. Ex’s as friends?

With one exception, I am not friends with, connected with, nor do I ever see, any of my exes. I did reconnect with my very first boyfriend (from my college days) a few years ago. I found out he still lives in the area, so I connected with him on FB, we had dinner, got caught up on life, and he now bowls in the LGBT bowling league I just finished my last season with; but we are not more than very casual, passing acquaintances.

6. Do you have any non human BFFs?

Clyde was my first 4-legged friend. He laid next to me through all of my illnesses, protected me, kept me company when Jeffrey was away, and showered me with more love and affection than I had ever known. Losing him was like losing a part of me and I thought I could never allow another dog into my life because I didn’t think I could survive another loss like that.
But now I have Harvey and Rita and I can’t imagine my life without them. They, more than best friends, and just like Clyde was, are truly part of our family.

7. Are you friends with any relatives?

My Mom and I are friends, I like to think. I have more of a friendly acquaintance with most of the rest of my family (3 brothers, 1 sister, a gaggle of nieces and nephews and a few cousins) and don’t see them often. I’d probably hang out more with my oldest brother if he didn’t live in Arizona.

8. Friends at work?

I generally like to keep my professional and personal life separate. Having said that, I have developed closer acquaintances/friendships with a small handful of people at work that have involved socializing a few times outside of work. I think it’s ultimately better to keep your work friends at work.

9. What’s your Face Book number?

I’m assuming this means number of Facebook Friends. I am not sure and don’t care enough to go check. I have a love/hate relationship with FB and I think FB has bastardized the whole concept of friendship, although it can be a good way to stay in touch and connect with people you want to connect with. It is a tool that can be harmful or helpful, depending on how you use it.

10. What’s the worst thing a friend has done to you? Are you still?

Used me, made me feel insignificant and turned their back on me when I was hurting and in need of reassurance.

We are not and never will be again


Friends with benefits?

….will definitely get you closer to that BFF title *wink*


Join in the fun and get your questions each week from Sean over at Just a Jeep Guy

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2 Responses to TMI Thursday: You Gotta Have Friends…

  1. jayinva says:

    Cool! Looks like a lot of us revealed a lot!

    Peace ❤

  2. Raybeard says:

    #1 is especially sweet – and so is #6, though we already knew that. (It’s still nice to read about it, though).

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