TMI Thursday: How do you like….



How do you like_____?

1. Your coffee?

2 packets or tsps of Truvia and Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer

2. Your sandwich cut? In half, square or diagonal? Crust or no crust?

Cut diagonally, crust on.

3. Your tea?

Hot, with truvia

4. Your alcoholic beverages?


5. Your ice-cream served: cup, cone, soft or hard?

soft-serve in cone

6. Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?

Shaved head or buzzed

7. Your cell phone?


8. Your computer?

Laptop – Macbook Pro and iPad

9. Your web browser?

Safari or Firefox

10. Your car?

Small or compact. Fist car was a Hyundai Accent; now I drive a Nissan Versa. Would love a Smart Car, Fiat or VW Bug. Or a Jeep.


Your sex? Position? How often? Mild or wild? One or more?

Top, Daily, Yes and Yes

Join the fun. Visit Sean at Just a Jeep Guy each week for new questions.

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6 Responses to TMI Thursday: How do you like….

  1. Or do you just like to be on top of things? 😉

  2. Is it strange that after all this time I didn’t peg you for a top?

  3. Urspo says:

    I had the same reaction – is daily what happens or is it your desire???

  4. Raybeard says:

    Your Bonus Q answers: –
    Daily? Well, who’s the lucky one? (I’d be more than happy to settle for weekly. Even monthly would be a vast improvement!)
    But I’m with you on your ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.

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