Nods to Jeep Guy for this daily meme and blog post filler

1.Pilot or navigator?

Hmmm. I hate driving, and always prefer to be a passenger, but my navigation skills are nil. I honestly believe I have a directional and/or geographic disorder, as I have no clue where North, South, East or West is; I can’t give directions to save my life; I get lost traveling routes I travel every day; and unexpected detours have been known to induce sudden panic attacks. If I HAVE to choose between driving the car or actually directing where we’re going, I’ll choose driving the car: I can operate a vehicle, I just don’t enjoy it like other people do. But I DO love long car trips if I can just ride along.

2. Were you ever able to read a map?

Not really. The one time I was actually in charge of directing our drive with a map (pre-GPS/Tom Tom/Siri, etc.) I was actually reading the map upside down (no lie) and was following a river line, not a road line. I cannot stress enough: No navigation skills what so ever!

3. Can you sleep or read in a car?

I can sleep in a car and LOVE to. I used to fall asleep on the way home from work (while Jeffrey was driving, of course.) I’m better now, and can ride for much longer without getting the “auro-nod” going, but I can still dose off in any car trip longer than 10 minutes.

Reading varies. Sometimes I can; sometimes I can’t. However, I have never actually tried to read a book or comic book in the car. I read shorter things now that smart phones exist, but rarely more than some FB updates, a few blogs or an article here or there.

4. Driving in the snow is_________?

Hell. I hate it (driving or riding) and will avoid it at all costs, both because I hate driving in it (impaired visibility and traction/control is not my thing) and I have no trust for other drivers. I will call in to work if the snow is bad enough and will rarely go out and often cancel plans if it’s snowing (or forecasted to). If Jeffrey wasn’t such a great driver and I didn’t trust him as much as I do, I’d probably never leave the house while it was snowing.

5. Music, talk or audio books?

Tried an Audio Book once when we drove to Mississippi, but the narrator had a voice like nails on a chalkboard, so I never tried another. I will listen to talk radio (NPR or some such) when I’m driving locally, but for road trips, I’m either a music man or a talker. I LOVE to crank up the tunes and sing at the top of my lungs (which is why I’m often hoarse after long car trips.) Also, if I’m with someone who likes conversation, I love discussing life, the universe and everything. Jeffrey and I often work out all of our plans, puzzlements and problems in the car through long talks.

6. Pack a snack or road kill?

Snack. I prefer to keep on trucking and prefer my food handmade and/or from grocery stores as opposed to from rest stops.

7. Direct or scenic route?

Depends on where I’m going, who I’m with, if I’m driving and how long of a drive it is. Sometimes, the drive is the best part of the trip, so I don’t mind a more pleasant view with possible stops along the way. Sometimes, I’m really excited about where I’m going or dreading the drive, so I prefer to get the drive over with ASAP.

8. Car games?

They can be fun on rare occasions, to help pass the time or keep me/us entertained, but not something I always enjoy doing and it has a limited duration of entertainment.

9. Can you fix a flat?

I can change a tire if I HAVE to, but prefer to call Jeffrey, AAA or a friend. I have no idea how to repair a flat tire, but fix-a-flat intrigues me to no end.

10. Have you ever been or picked up a hitchhiker?

I have picked up people I knew when I saw them on the side of the road waiting for a bus or walking. I like the idea of giving a weary stranger a ride, especially on hot days or in inclement weather, but in this day and age, I don’t trust ANYONE and would never pick up a stranger for any reason. Likewise, I have never hitchhiked and would never get in a strangers car. I don’t even like Taxi Cabs or Buses, for that matter. I get the appeal of the “sexy stranger” who gives you a ride for favors, or offers favors for a ride, but the risk and danger factor keeps that solely in the fantasy arena for me.


Rest stops?

I’ll ogle and fantasize, but I’ve never pursued or been pursued and never would at a rest stop. Again, the risk factor (disease, safety, legality issues) keeps me away from any such behavior. But the fantasies I’ve had about truck drivers at rest stops could keep Kleenex and Jergens in business for years.

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4 Responses to TMI Thursday: ROAD TRIP

  1. Raybeard says:

    There’s a very sexist saying here (which I imagine is pretty worldwide), namely that women have a poorer sense of direction than men and aren’t much good at reading maps. I’ve wondered a few times if a bit of that also relates to gay men. Must admit I do have a remarkable tendency to get lost when trying to find my way back to a place, despite making every effort to try to remember landmarks etc.

  2. You are being too modest. I recall driving in Delaware last Spring and you were doing a fine job as back seat navigator

  3. jayinva says:

    My answers at!

    Peace ❤

  4. ya know, it’s amazing to me that everyone who has answered this TMI has at least ONE thing in common with everyone else. a collection of internet friends has a family vibe running thru it. me likey.

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