Miss Thing

I miss…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Having a large intestine
Being thinner
Summer vacations
My first dog, Clyde
My friend, Brian
Living at Chez Breen
Having a pool
Going to Bear Week
Liking my job
Chess King
Friday night Karaoke
Getting Annual Raises
Working at Summer Camp
Getting mail that’s not bills or advertisements
Common courtesy
Singing in a chorus
Playing trombone in a band
Believing in Santa Claus
Saturday morning cartoons

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6 Responses to Miss Thing

  1. the cajun says:

    That’s quite an extensive list. I miss: your smile, bright eyes, easy laugh, and sensahumah. Feel better. I had no idea you’ve been in such a funk. I guess I’ve had health issues of my own, didn’t deal with them very well, either.

    Take care, Sassy. You are loved.

  2. Raybeard says:

    Can well appreciate your missing all those – apart from one – ‘Buffy’ ? Mind you, never seen it, so what do I know?
    Also not sure what ‘Sound Trax’ and ‘Chess king’ are – and dare not think about ‘Bottoming’.

  3. Urspo says:

    One of my favorite poems tells me to enjoy what we had rather than what we lost:

    ” ….It is right to mourn
    for the small hotels of Paris that used to be
    when we used to be. My mansard looking
    down on Notre Dame every morning is gone,
    and me listening to the bell at night.
    Venice is no more. The best Greek Islands
    have drowned in acceleration. But it’s the having
    not the keeping that is the treasure……
    We look up at the stars and they are
    not there. We see the memory
    of when they were, once upon a time.
    And that too is more than enough.

  4. jayinva says:

    Wow, Sassybear! That’s quite a list. Please do one with “I LOVE…” cause I think it will be longer!!!!

    I do agree with you on many points, and I can’t imagine not having a large intestine. And annual raises? HA! We don’t work for Google or Amazon!!! We’re both guvment employees (right? Aren’t you a state employee? I’m a county guy.)

    Peace ❤

    • Sassybear says:

      I am a state worker, but for the first 13 years, I got contractual annual raises. In the last 2 years, we got no raise, our salaries were cut and we were forced to take 9 days of furlough (no pay.)

      I was feeling melancholy today. I’ll do a more positive list in the near future, promise.

      • jayinva says:

        We have been VERY lucky here in Henrico County. Our county management has managed (HAHAHA) to avoid layoffs, furloughs, and any lost employees (but if you leave, your post might not get rehired, thank goodness our department has been spared that edict).

        I do get where you’re coming from. My BFF has been furloughed, f’ed over, all of the above. And I live in THAT county!!!! I think it just depends on the government in power at the moment.

        Peace ❤

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