TMI Thursday: What do you hate to…?

1. …smell?

Garbage…the smell of garbage – rotted, sour, spoiled food and other refuse – in a home, alley, dump or anywhere else – makes me nauseous.

2. …taste?

Underarm deodorant. Ever lick a deodorized armpit? Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww.

3. …eat?

Beets. I had a bad incident when I was younger that involved eating sliced beets that I thought were slices of canned cranberry sauce. I had to run to the bathroom and hurl. I have never been able to stomach the taste or sight or smell of them since; but I’d rather see or smell them than eat them. And I won’t. Ever. So don’t even try.

4. …clean?

Hmmm. I like things to BE clean, I just hate the process of having to clean them. If Laundry counts (I’m not actually cleaning our clothes, per se, just moving them from our room to the basement to the washer to the dryer, back upstairs to the room, then into closet and drawers, shelves and onto hangers) then Laundry it is. If it has to be something I actually have to clean myself, I’d say bathtubs and showers. Scrubbing those things kills my knees and back and arms and takes forever and it never looks or feels clean enough to me.

5. …cook?

Eggs, over-easy. It’s my favorite way to eat eggs: thin white film over the warm, liquid yolk, but NO clear, uncooked, runny portions (which is why I don’t like sunny side up or poached eggs.) Eggs cooked this way are excellent for dipping toast in. (Toast is one of my top 5 favorite foods.) However, in almost 42 years, I have never mastered the skill of cooking eggs this way. I either break the yolks or overcook them to hardness, both of which completely ruin breakfast for me. I do like scrambled eggs and omelets, but if I’m in the mood for over-easy eggs and toast, my whole meal is ruined when I try to make them and fail.

6. …watch on TV?

Sharks, Violence, Sports, in that order.

I have Galeophobia, so that explains that.

I can’t stand watching people be hurt or harmed in any way, fictional or otherwise. I never understood the attraction to seeing people abused, hurt, maimed, tortured or killed for entertainment.

I hate the sound of sports programs on TV…the white noise of crowds, the whistles and hollering of coaches, umps and refs, the annoying sound of announcer voices, all the sounds that are associated with sports make my ears itch and watching it bores me to tears!

So my worst television show nightmare would be Sharks Boxing!

7. …do for your significant other?

There’s nothing I hate to do for my significant others – being in relationships, for me, means wanting to do things for those I love, even if it’s hard, inconvenient, uncomfortable or a challenge in any way. I know that may sound corny, but I mean it. Anyone can do the easy stuff for people, but it’s those who are willing to go the extra mile, above and beyond, even at their own expense or inconvenience, that show their love through actions, not just words. And I worry that I ask for way more than I offer, anyway, so I enjoy getting a chance to do what I can, when I can to be sure I’m putting in as much as I’m getting out of my relationships. Having said that…I hate having to do anyone else’s laundry other than my own, solely for the fact that it’s twice as much work and takes me twice as long, and for no other reason. But love means doing it anyway šŸ™‚


…do sexually?

I have yet to do anything or experience anything that I truly hate, sexually (fornication with women aside – no offense to my lady friends, of course) and I’ve managed to avoid things I suspect I’ll hate, but of all the things I HAVE done and DO do, sexually, I most abhor (and I have to be gentle about how I say this for the puritans who may be reading my blog) tossing a dirty salad…if you can’t wash your vegetables boys, you shouldn’t be serving them to others!


Join in the fun! TMI was started by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy Here’s what he says about it:

TMI Questions are fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information for [your] blog, between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family.

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11 Responses to TMI Thursday: What do you hate to…?

  1. I can visualize your next tattoo: Sharks boxing, all anime style. Maybe whilst tossing dirty salads. šŸ˜›

  2. Urspo says:

    There is nothing I like more than raising vegetables in my garden.

  3. Raybeard says:

    Re your bonus question or, rather, your answer: Don’t you find that an input of alcohol (non-excessive!) makes one more ‘tolerant’ towards certain acts to which one might have otherwise have been averse – and, furthermore, even curious to experience them? My own standards are definitely lowered under such conditions.

    Btw: Wonder if I’m the only one who had to look up ‘galeophobia’ – though it must have been around a lot after the release of a certain 1975 Spielberg film.

  4. JimA says:

    Yes. I agree… clean ‘veges’ are very important!

  5. justajeepguy says:

    You turn a phrase nicely. And nothing goes better with a freshly tossed salad then a long, fat sausage!

  6. “no offense to my lady friends, of course” – no offense taken, dear; I KNOW I’m not your type. I’m not a hairy bear, for starters…


  7. dejeffreys says:

    About those eggs: I use a non-stick hard anodized Circulon small skillet with a small amount of butter or oil on low to medium heat. They are easy to turn then with a spatula without breaking the yolk. Another method I think you might like even better is to cook the eggs sunny side up, but with more oil or butter. Tip the skillet a little and use a spoon to scoop up the hot oil to place it on top of the yolk. Keep repeating until the skin develops and the white is done. Very delicious and would be perfect with your toast. I like to add these runny yolk eggs to my grits and stir them up. Yum!


  8. javabear says:

    So I guess Shark Week on Discovery Channel isn’t what you’ll be watching.

    I hate the sounds of basketball, but love listening to baseball. I find great comfort falling asleep to the gentle(ish) voices of the baseball announcers with the sound turned low. There’s a certain cadence to baseball announcing that I find soothing. Except on ESPN. Those guys are annoying.

  9. Ron says:

    You did it again, my made me laugh OUT LOUD. “Tossing a dirty salad.” Yesh, that’s what I’m going to post on my blog which, for some reason, has a rather significant, middle aged straight lady following (go figure). In fact one such local lady stopped in the hotel last night to see me in person. Just a tad uncomfortable but what the hey? “Tossing a dirty salad”….now lets see how long it will take me to get that mental image out of my mind. šŸ™‚

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