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Although things have been quiet here on the blog, the same can’t be
said for the homestead.
This past week/weekend we had a little flurry of company, including
two overnight guests, and a few other social engagements (visitors,
dinners, drinks, etc.) that kept us hopping.

We went on a bit of a shopping spree on Saturday. The new curtains and
blinds set the whole thing off and now we’re expecting new furniture
to be delivered on Friday. We also purchased a new, colorful area rug
for the living room. In our defense, we promised ourselves to wait a
whole year after moving in before doing any major furniture shopping,
and we stuck to it. But that year is up and we’ve hit the ground
running. Although we desperately need lawn and yard furniture, we
started with the living room. New furniture will go in there, and the
old furniture will (hopefully) fit through the basement door so we
have something to lounge on to watch stuff on our big screen TV, which made
its way down to the basement last year last year. We still need a
coffee table/end table set, a buffet style cabinet for the kitchen,
patio furniture and a few things for our guest rooms/offices up
stairs, as well as bedside tables for our master bedroom. And then
there’s the painting we have left to finish. There will be no shortage
of redecorating at the Acres this year, for sure.

Work continues to be abysmal. ‘nuff said.

I finally caught up on everyone’s blogs this past weekend. I tried to
sprinkle comments around so you all know I stopped by. I do read all
of your posts, but I don’t always get to them every day. And since I’m
usually reading them on my iPhone, I still have some problems
commenting from it. I have to update my blogroll with all the new
blogs I’m following – hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend. I also
need to find a new way to read all of your blogs, as Google Reader is
on its way out *sniff.*


Spring has finally sprung and I have been enjoying walking out in the yard, with the dogs, in shorts, tee shirt and bare (bear) feet. I love watching the dogs run around and play outside almost as much as I love running around and playing outside.

I seem to have picked up a stomach bug somewhere, maybe from reading Erik’s blog. I don’t know where all this stuff is coming from, but I should be down a good 50 pounds by tomorrow morning if this all keeps up.

That’s all for now…

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14 Responses to Blog Blog Blog

  1. I hope I didn’t get you ill! Although, that would be… interesting. I wonder what other things I could do through my blog? 😉

    Hopefully you’re feeling better!

    And how technical/web savvy are you? You could always do what I did. Or I can assist you if need be. 🙂

  2. Mitch says:

    I know how it is for a job to be pure drudgery. But it seems like you used to like your job. What happened?

  3. Urspo says:

    I like entries like these; they are like phone calls from old friends telling me how you are doing and what you are doing.

  4. Raybeard says:

    When you’re feeling low I’m sure your doggies are feeling it too, and they must be down in the dumps right now. So, not just for your sake but for theirs, here’s wishing like hell that you’ll soon be as bouncy as they (and we) want you to be,

  5. Jay M. says:

    I am glad someone in this world is keeping the furniture companies in business! I’m sure not. Last new furniture I bought was in 1993, I think. Oh wait, I bought a mattress and box spring in about 1999! HAHAHAHA

    My job is abysmal at the moment, too.

    If you’re really going to be down 50 pounds, send that damn bug to me! Thanks!
    Peace ❤

  6. JimA says:

    hope you feel better son! xox

  7. javabear says:

    Just read Erik’s post about his recent illness. Hope I don’t get sick now.
    Really, honey, I hope you feel much better very soon.

    I agree with Anne Marie. Pictures of the decorating are required.

  8. Laurent says:

    Congratulations on all the remodelling. It is always nice to do that. We do not have a TV and have not had one for a few years now so we are not missing it at all. On the other hand we do have pretty full calendars with luncheons and dinner parties and all manners of other social engagements. Nice when we have one night off.

    • Sassybear says:

      Laurent: we aren’t so much about television programming, but we love movies and we’re not keen on movie theaters so home movie watching is a big joy for us. 🙂

      • Ron says:

        Same here Sean. I like to watch Netflix DVD’s on my big screen TV. Don’t like movie theaters. Too much hassle. 😦

  9. awwwwwwwwwwww, bear hugs! get well soon; I know of many people that have whatever stomach bug is going around.

    pix after you re-decorate, martha! 🙂

  10. Ron says:

    Always interesting reading on your blog Sean. Isn’t this weather (finally) great!

  11. Nate says:

    I’m sure you are happy to lose a few pounds but that is really not the way to do it. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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