This is Harvey’s favorite toy, this little purple ball we call “ball.” It used to flash rainbow lights when bounced. It doesn’t any more. Harvey doesn’t care. He loves it.


Harvey has other balls, but this is his favorite. He even has a larger version of “ball,” purple and spikey, but he prefers smaller “ball.”


If it rolls under a piece of furniture where he cannot get it, he will cry non-stop until we get it for him. It rolls under the furniture a lot. Sometimes, we think he does it on purpose.


He will play with other things but, eventually, he will decide he wants “ball” and will begin looking for it. He grows more frantic the longer it takes to find it. If we don’t stop to help him look for it, he will jump onto our chest and paw at us until we get up and find it for him.


For fear that it will eventually be ruined from so much play, or lost somehow, we searched the Internet for more of these and found them, so we ordered 10 more. Some blue, some green and some purple; and the flashing lights work in all of these.


Even though we put one new one out, Harvey wants his original ball and will cry for it if it is taken away, even if we give him an identical purple ball.


This is Harvey’s favorite ball, “ball” and if the day comes it is lost or destroyed, he will be inconsolable.

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23 Responses to Harveysabsolutelyfavoritetoyinthewholeworld

  1. Knoxxy says:

    Awww that cute! I love dogs!

  2. Terrific pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Harper doesn’t have a fav toy but periodically she will jump up, run through the house and rummage in her toy basket until she finds something and then proudly carry it around for a while. When nature calls…..

  3. Shawn says:

    Play Ball!
    It is baseball season again any way!

  4. Raybeard says:

    Yes, it’s strange with pets and toys. I’ve spent loads on coloured balls, mice toys infused with cat-nip, plastic rods with coloured strings and glitzy things on the end and God-knows-what-else – But the only things that’ll hold my pussies’ attentions are a rolled-up ball of oven tinfoil and chasing an old boot lace. Nothing else comes close. I suppose it’s much the same as with babies who won’t be distracted from playing with a simple cardboard box or a piece of wood.
    But what your Harvey doesn’t realise is that with his antics he himself is being YOUR toy, giving many treasured moments of sheer entertainment and pleasure. I see he’s still got that perky-cheeky look,which I think he’s never going to lose.

  5. Urspo says:

    We got one for Harper and she won’t touch it – she’s afraid of it!

  6. justajeepguy says:

    I find it hard to believe that Harvey can’t fit under anything. πŸ™‚ Try putting a rolled up towel or one of the draft snakes under the furniture to act as bumpers.

  7. javabear says:

    Harvey never ceases to charm me. He must be the most adorable pup on the planet. He’s so cute with his ball!

    We got a puppy today. Sproing brought it home. One of his friends’ dog had a litter, and here’s proof. I said “no,” Superman said “no,” but then Superman spent some time with the pup and fell victim to his cute puppyness. So we have a dog. He’s going to be a bigger dog – part Labrador, part pit bull. We are not ready for a dog right now, and definitely need a smaller dog. But I was overruled. I’ll get pictures of the adorable sweetie and write a post about him soon.

  8. I remember throwing ball to harvey at breen acres last year; that little dog has so much infectious enthusiasm! but how sad that it doesn’t blink any more! 😦


    I had no idea your little dog was as cute as he is. That is serious Cute Overload.

    We just got a new puppy. A “free” puppy, which has so far cost us about $140, and we haven’t even gotten him to the vet yet. He’s a black Lab/pit bull mix, and just the sweetest little thing. The kids, especially Sproing, are enamored.

    I hope “ball” lasts for many years.

  10. dejeffreys says:

    Every Linus must have his blanket!


  11. Ron says:

    I gave on of these big ones to Someone at the Bloggerpalooza. He seemed to have as much fun with it as your Harvey. πŸ™‚Retired in Delaware

  12. Jay M. says:

    Bullwinkle loved his rope. He’d play tug-o-war all day long. Thankfully, it didn’t roll under the furniture, but he would sneak it out the back door, then forget where it was, and get frantic in the way only an 85-pound mutt can get frantic looking for it, then decide he needed to go out. AHA! THERE IT IS! He’d forget he needed to pee, and come back to the door, triumphant in his quest to find the rope. Sadly, he must have left it outside where I couldn’t find it, because after he passed away, I looked all over for that slobber soaked thing and never could find it.

    Your baby is so cute! (And I’ll bet if you rub his saliva all over one of the new balls, he’ll like it, too!)

    Peace ❀

  13. Laurent says:

    Dogs are so funny about things like that, my two are just the same with the ball.
    Probably they all go to the same school and learn to drive humans crazy with their ball.

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