Good things come in twos


After taking this picture today, I jokingly said these were my yin and yang dogs. But in a certain way, they are. Although their behaviors and personalities are quite different, together they ground me and help me focus when everything else in my world seems like it’s spiraling out of control. With them, all I have to be is there with them, all I have to do is love them. Whatever’s going on in my world, good or bad, they love me unconditionally and only ask of me what I’m able to give. And even though they both need attention from me in different ways and give me attention in different ways, together they make my life complete, and I can’t imagine my life without either of them in it. That seems to be a theme in my life 🙂

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7 Responses to Good things come in twos

  1. the cajun says:

    Just checking in. Lovely post. Unfortunately I am not allowed pets in my apartment. I miss my furry friends.

    So sorry for your loss. Sounds like a really special relationship and your tribute was heartening.
    Hugs to you both…

  2. Jay M. says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel, Sassybear! I’ve only ever had one dog at a time but occasionally coupled with a cat or two, and I know about the differences and how they combine as a whole to just make you feel so much better. I am currently petless, and based on the amount of time I’ve spent depressed since Bullwinkle had to be put to sleep, I might be puppy shopping before too long! It was tough to be depressed around Bull, he was just such a happy dog that sensed when I was down, that he’d pull out all the stops to make me feel better.
    Peace ❤

  3. Ron says:

    I understand completely. I wish Bill would permit us to have pets again. It would do both of us so much good to have that unconditional love. Unfortunately Bill cannot take the loss of another pet ever again. But someday, I will have another “little buddy.” Thanks for posting this.

    RonRetired in Delaware

  4. precious puppies! someday I MUST meet miss rita!

  5. Laurent says:

    In many ways this is what dogs are all about. They are the happy spirits in our lives.

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