**Include details like: Circumstances. Who made you. Would you do it again?

1. …You’ve eaten…

Chocolate Covered Ants. I think a co-worker brought them to work and I figured what the hell. Just tasted like crunchy chocolate covered granola. I wouldn’t go out of my way to find them or eat them again, for no particular reason, just see no reason to buy or eat chocolate covered ants beyond the novelty of it.

2. …You’ve seen…

A 2-hour "presentation" of a stuffed-animal puppet show along-with a reading of a play, written and presented by a M-T-F transgendered female friend of mine, interspersed with songs by the Beetles. She presented it to about 20 people in our living room. It was surreal and there just wasn’t enough alcohol to get through it without scars. Jeffrey was there and can vouch for me. I would NEVER sit through it again.

3. …You’ve done…

If hosting the above event doesn’t count (see #2) then…..
Inspired by my first ever viewing of an episode of "Project Runway" whilst in P-Town, one summer, I ran upstairs, stripped and constructed (and donned) an outfit made entirely from coffee filters, extension cords and duct tape, then pranced around the house in a one-man fashion show. I’d probably do it again, and will…maybe at the upcoming blogger convention in Lewes, De. (he he he) As a close second, I used to "collect" (save) empty toilet paper rolls. For no discernible reason I can think of. I just never wanted to throw them away. they were like tiny tubes of fun. I do not save them anymore and wouldn’t ever again.

4. …You’ve smelled…

I shoved my face down the crack of a sofa to locate a smell I feared might be rotten food one of the dogs "buried" in the furniture. I may never smell the sofa crack again, but it wasn’t the first time, and won’t be the last last time, I shove my face in a crack 🙂

5. …You’ve heard of…

The internet makes this a hard question to answer, because there’s some pretty weird shit out there, but I’ll go with wearing live insects as jewelry – ich! I’d say "religion" but that might be too inflammatory…

6. …You’ve put in your mouth…

I habitually chew my left pinky…does that count? Done it since I was little and, although I try not to do it, I still do. Other than that, I’d have to go with the chocolate covered ants thing again. 🙂


The weirdest thing you’ve done sexually…

A woman*

*No offense to my gal pals.

TMI Questions are brought to us each week by by Sean at Just a Jeep Guy.

As he explains: TMI questions are "Fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information for [your] blog, between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family."

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  1. I am still trying to figure out why #3 was weird for you….

  2. JimA says:

    I don’t ever want to eat an insect! EW

  3. Mark in DE says:

    I’ll bring the coffee filters. 😉

  4. no offense taken, darling. tits just ain’t your thing.

    see you soon! 🙂

  5. Shawn says:

    I heard about the P-Town coffe filter gown……from a source we both know was there. He loved it!
    I’ve got a crack for you ……;-)

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