Weekend Review

It was a wonderful weekend with lots of activity and socializing, but nothing related to St. Patrick’s Day at all. I’m a rebel Irishman and I avoid the whole drinking-and-green-togs-sporting overindulgence.

Jim was here this weekend so we could celebrate his birthday, belatedly. He was in Hawaii for his birthday proper and was not considerate enough to fly us out to celebrate with him. Some people can be selfish like that. There were copious amounts of eating, drinking and merriment and I believe Jim left Breen Acres satisfied that his birthday had been properly acknowledged.

Here’s the run-down of our activities since Friday:

Jim arrived Friday bearing gifts from Hawaii. The best one, arguably, is the grass skirt and coconut bra, which he insisted will be appropriate to wear at one of our summer cook-outs. We shall see. I also now have a white puka necklace, with a shark tooth pendant, to help me ward off my galeophobia. There were also T-shirts for me and the hubby, a lovely small pot with all the colors of Breen Acres in it, and a surfboard ornament with my name on it for my little, personalized, Atheistmas tree. (I love that Jim gives gifts for his birthday. We shall have to be sure to celebrate with him every year from now on!)

Friday night was a faboo dinner at Jack’s Oyster house for Jim’s official birthday dinner. Great meals, good service and a couple lemon drops made it a great experience.

Saturday AM, we dropped Jeffrey’s car off at the dealership to get an umpteen mile tune –up for the upcoming drive to Delaware (Yay!), then went bowling. We were forced to endure bowling next to a man who can only be fairly described as woofalicious on a stick. He was bowling with his lady-mate and two small offlings. He was both pretty to look at and pleasant to interact with. We are pretty sure we all have cornea cavities from too much eye candy.

Saturday afternoon, we met a gaggle of gays for an early dinner at EL Mariachi’s where we sipped on pitchers of Sangria before heading over to the Spectrum Theater to see “Oz: The Great and Powerful.” Four out of six of us enjoyed the movie. No Oscar performances, but an enjoyable prequel to the Wizard of Oz none-the-less. Then we returned home for a night cap before turning in.

Sunday morning, I had the rare luxury of sleeping in. However, my lazy day plans were shattered when Jim and Jeffrey informed me that, since it was St. Patrick’s Day, dinner must be prepared by someone who’s Irish. Being the kind, considerate, giver (pushover) that I am, I agreed; so we headed out to purchase all the makings for dinner. I made Somerset Pork Loin and apples, with a New Potato and Watercress (which I couldn’t find at the supermarket so I got arugula instead) salad, with homemade ricotta dressing. I threw in some green beans for good measure and, of course, cosmos. I’m not a great cook, but I think it came out OK.

We finished out our Sunday evening lounging by a roaring fire watching “Happy, Texas” before saying good-bye to a very nice weekend.

And THAT’S what I Was doing the last few days instead of blogging.

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8 Responses to Weekend Review

  1. Shawn says:

    Sounds like a good one to me. Friends, home, love. Sure wish I was a goin to Delaware but unfortunately I cannot make it. Would be great to meet you in person. Another time my dear.

  2. Raybeard says:

    Somebody’s stolen my thunder re lack of pictorial evidence. Oh well….. “Imagination! Get over here !”

  3. you ARE a good cook; those meals you made for me when I visited breen acres last year were dee-lish! and you DO make a tasty cosmo too! 5 days til… 🙂

  4. javabear says:

    I need to get the tires rotated on my truck to prepare for our drive to Delaware. I just mapped the trip – 650 miles for us, in round figures. One way. This is gonna be fun!

  5. justajeepguy says:

    Sound like great fun but you seem to have forgotten to take and/or post pics!

  6. JimA says:

    That sounds like it was a grand weekend!

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