Back in the closet

(NOT my actual closet!)

All that I have to share with you fine folks today is that I re-organized my closet last night.

I like only simple, plastic hangers. No wire hangers, ever, and none of those funky hangers with the extra knobs and hooks and crap on them. Nice, sleek triangle, plastic hangers, please, thank you.

I like all my shirts facing the same way (to the right).

I like my dress shirts sorted from my T-shirts. (All my pants and sweaters are folded on shelves. Only shirts get hung up.)

I like my dress shirts sorted by long sleeve and short sleeve.

I like all my T-shirts sorted into like styles (tanks, sleeveless and tees).

I like my T-shirts sorted into solid colors, superheroes, Green Lantern shirts (yes, he’s a super-hero but he gets his own category cuz he’s my fave and I have so many) and other (gay, pride, bear, bowling, etc.).

Since I have definite “clothes” moods, I like being able to quickly find what I’m looking for.

As hubby has been doing a lot more laundry than me, lately, (thanks, hubby,) he hangs my shirts up any which way. I’m not complaining. I hate doing laundry and if he’s going to do it, I am not going to nit-pick that he refuses to cater to my anal-retentiveness in hanging my stuff up. However, I finally cracked and pulled everything out last night and re-sorted it so everything is where it should be.

I feel better now.

I think, tonight, I might pull out all of our socks and figure out where the matching socks are to the pile of single socks that has grown for months. I suspect we have a lot of mismatched socks balled up together.

(That’s right…I said “balled.”)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is part of the gay agenda that is corroding American values, the Boy Scouts and destroying the institution of marriage.

Organized Closets: The Gay Mafia’s weapon against decency and wholesomeness in America.

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2 Responses to Back in the closet

  1. the pix looks like dr. spo’s closet. I don’t have too many clothes and I know where everything is. and wire hangers suck; all of ours are plastic too.

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