From Handsy Man to Handy Man

Last weekend, the motor on our garage door opener conked out.


We popped out to Sears to purchase a new one and hoped to arrange to have someone come install it. After purchasing a new opener at the counter, the elderly employee who rang us out quietly told us NOT to hire their service people to install it, as they had been getting a lot of complaints about them. he assured us he was telling us this at a cost to him, as he would get a higher commission if he sold us the service to install it; he then suggested we should do it ourselves because it would be an easy job. A little daunted and frustrated, we headed home with every intent on either putting it in ourselves (with great trepidation) or, more hopefully, finding someone to install it for us. The remainder of that weekend did not go as planned due to a variety of other happenstances (cable problems that resulted in a having service people here two days in a row) and we never got to attempt the install or research a handy man to help.

After dragging our feet and hemming and hawing for the remainder of the week, we finally steeled ourselves yesterday afternoon and headed out to the garage to give the directions a once over and assess whether we thought we could do it ourselves or not.


Eek…these look complicated!



We decided to give it a go, and began pulling out all the parts from the box:


Being a bit anal retentive and a detailer, I first lined up all the little screws, nuts and bolts and checked them off against the instruction manual to make sure we had everything:


Then, we got out our tool boxes. YES, we actually have several tools. Pull your jaws off the floor.  If it helps with the shock and disbelief, some of our tools are pink:


Jeffrey looked over the electrical and wireless remotes and components to make sure it wasn’t beyond our ability to connect and set up.


Then he got to work removing the old unit. (He’s more the hands on guy, I’m more the direction reader.)


However, never one to stay within my comfort zone, I took my turn at climbing ladders and removing nuts and bolts.


After 4 hours, the new system was involved. Isn’t she purty?



What we thought would be simple process of removing the old motor unit and installing the new one actually involved assembling and installing a whole new chain pulley and bar as well as installing new sensors at the base of the garage door, which involved a little bit of basic wiring and alignment.

Cold, hungry and tired, we stood beaming as we pressed the button our remotes and the door opened smoothly, then closed again with the same ease. Talk about a sense of accomplishment. I was even more proud than when I fixed our tub.  Another plus to having the new system, besides it working and our garage door actually opening and closing at the push of a button,  is that we now have two remotes that work, as we only had one working remote opener when we bought the house.

I have to say, I’m feeling a bit butch and capable at the moment. I think I might just try to change some light bulbs and put up a new shower curtain today.




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3 Responses to From Handsy Man to Handy Man

  1. javabear says:

    I’m laughing a little bit at your pink wrench.
    It always turns me on when Superman accomplishes these sorts of tasks. He’s pretty good at it now.

  2. RG says:

    Well alright – you and Jeffery go on with your bad, butch gay selves! The next thing you know, you two will be tearing apart the kitchen for a renovation because, “You want to do it yourselves.”

    • Sassybear says:

      Let’s be clear on one thing: I do not ever WANT to do these things; I’m just learning that, some times I have to and, surprisingly, I can do more than I think I can.

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