What goes around, comes around

This is my buddy, Gary. Read on to discover what he’s doing and why.


As many of you may remember, lest December I was in “decoration crisis”, desperately trying to find a matching stocking to complete our home decor for our first Atheistmas at Breen Acres. Out of the blue, one of my heretofore unknown readers/blog followers, Gary Eaton, came to my rescue, finding not just one but two more matching stockings in his neck of the woods and graciously mailing them to me lickety-split. (You can read the official blog post about it, here.) Since then, Gary has been a continuous (and welcome) presence in my on-line life on FB. Now he needs a favor and I am only too happy to oblige.

Gary is a Master Stylist who lives in Riverview, Florida, and recently moved to a new salon. Unfortunately, Gary’s prior place of employment is engaging in some unprofessional, shady tactics. As he explained:

“I need help. Today I am taking a stand on the sidewalk in front of Bleu salon and spa…the place has chosen to not inform my clientele of my move to a New Location. Instead they book my clients in and, upon their arrival, are told I had a family emergency and that someone else could do their hair. I need [friends] to please post something on their blog site to have everyone LIKE David Andrews Salon…”

Even if I didn’t’ feel indebted to Gary, I’d have done this because he has become a friend and I never turn down an opportunity to help a friend in need if/when I can help it. So, I am doing as Gary asked and posting this info. Those that are so inclined to help out…

  • the friend (Gary) of a friend (Me)
  • one of our blog reading community members
  • a fellow lgbt community member
  • another person trying to make a living

…spread the word, visit and/or refer people you may know, in the area, to Gary Eaton, Master Stylist at the David Andrew Hair Salon (13442 Boyette Rd.  Riverview, Fl  33569  |  813.684.5111  |  davidandrewhairsalon@gmail.com) and/or pop over to Facebook and like the David Andrew Salon Salon FB page as a show of support.

Thanks for any and all support you give to Gary. This is just another reminder to me how Blogs and Facebook allow us to connect and network and build community with people beyond our immediate neighborhoods. Good luck, Gary. Keep us posted!

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5 Responses to What goes around, comes around

  1. Sadly, that sort of tactic is rather common in the salon business. We hear similar stories when a stylist leaves their former salon and joins the family at the Husbear’s salon.

  2. Gary D. Eaton AKA the Stocking Elf in Brandon says:

    Dear Friend I cannot thank you enough for all u have just done on my behalf..Thank you …Luv Ya Gary D. Eaton.

  3. THAT is sleazy beyond words. wish I lived in FL; I would give bleu a piece of my mind (and a swift kick to the taint with a steel toe pointy shoe)!

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