Joining in on TMI Thursday, started by Sean at Just a Jeep Guy

1. Just how hairy are you?

Not much…a patch of chest hair, a light coat on my arms and legs but I doubt if be classified as hairy, unfortunately.

Do you desire more or less and where?

I wish I was hairier. I waited my whole life to be a hairy man and I got gypped! I’d love a nice coat of for from clavicle to navel and more on my arms and legs and on my ass.

2. Your friend post’s a pic of you when you were 25, what year is it
and what does your hair look like?

1996. I had a near feathered haircut. I have a picture somewhere but I’m in bed so I’m not digging it out and scanning it.

3. What do you have to do and how long does it take you to make your
hair look the way it does?

I usually shave my head bald now. If I do it daily, it takes a few minutes. If I get lazy and skip several days, it takes a lot longer to shave it all off. Sometimes, I intentionally wear some head fuzz.

4. What was the most you ever paid for a haircut?

$25.00 a loooong time ago, but I’ve clipped/shaved my own head for years now.

5. Do you manscape?

Not often or much, but I’m at an age that pubes, pits, brows, ears and nose need a little attention to avoid looking like a brambled mess. I prefer myself (and other men) unshaved. A little grooming is ok.

6. Men with beards are?

The sexiest men alive and every man should have one. WOOF!

7. What hair on a man affects your libido most?

Facial Hair and Chest hair catch my eye and lust instantly! That patch sticking out of a shirt, or jaw laced with fur makes me drool and fidget like mad!

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5 Responses to TMI Thursday: YOU HAIRY BEAST

  1. Urspo says:

    Woof and drool !

  2. Cubby says:

    #2 If you remember sometime when you’re up, could you round it up and scan it? I think we’d all love to see it.

  3. Definitely #7. Definitely.

  4. Raybeard says:

    With you entirely on #6 & #7.

    #3 – I haven’t given up hope that you will, one day, allow a very thick thatch to grow on top. If I dare mention the one thing that might further improve your appearance that would be it Here’s to seeing SassyBear sporting an Afro! Oooooh! – I’m all excited now, so please don’t say “Dream on!” 😉

  5. #2 – REALLY? WOW!

    #7 – yeah, the shirt fuzz patch catches my eye and makes me wanna holla! 🙂

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