Lighter side


After a couple days of “emotional darkness” the clouds seem to be parting and I am slowly returning to my old self. A few things have contributed to the upswing:

I only have one day left of my work week and have a 3 day weekend coming up. Yay!
I made our reservations, today, for Delaware (Thanks, Ron) for the great March 2013 Blogapalooza aka “Spo-tacular“.
I had dinner and beer at the Olde English Pub with a couple of good friends (and a handsome bartender to boot.)
I was reminded how very much I am loved by the men and dogs in my life.

Here’s to brighter days ahead!


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3 Responses to Lighter side

  1. Yay! And I really like that hat. Or maybe it’s you wearing it. 😉

  2. “I am loved by the men and dogs in my life.” – don’t forget meeeeee! you have two women in your life, ya know (me and your mom)! it will be nice to see you and jeffrey at the event!

  3. JimA says:

    You know you always have a friend in Dallas who would give you a big hug if you needed one! *smooches*

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