Happy One Year Anniversary, Breen Acres


Although we closed on, and officially owned, our house February 9, 2012, today marks the one year Anniversary of having all of our stuff moved in and living full-time at Breen Acres. Some might think it silly we would recognize and celebrate this, but we have moved more than 16 times in our 15 years together and have only ever lived a second year (or more) in 3 places. We hope to break our record (of 2.5 years at Chez Breen) and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, celebrate a decade or more of living here together.

In just a year, we have done a lot of painting, installed central air, replaced our furnace, had a side fence built, replaced a porch roof, removed and rebuilt a landing in our garage, planted several trees and plants and only had one major issue to date: a leak in our dining room ceiling that requires some  minor repair work on the roof. Sadly, as we were headed out to our new favorite local restaurant (Potter’s Tavern) to celebrate with dinner and drinks tonight, our garage door stopped working, reminding us that owning and upkeeping a home is an ongoing adventure.

We have had a handful of parties and cookouts, celebrated several birthdays and holidays, adopted two dogs, and had several visitors and guest, including several bloggers. And we’ve built and enjoyed about eleventyhundred fires.

Not a bad first year, if I do say so myself. Here’s to another year of laughter, love, friendship, celebrations, safety, warmth and as few repairs as the fates of home ownership will allow us.


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7 Responses to Happy One Year Anniversary, Breen Acres

  1. Gary D. Eaton AKA the Stocking Elf in Brandon says:

    OMG, I can’t believe it has been a whole year since the movin..It seems like only yesterday that it became Breen Estate. Time does really fly by when you are up to your ass in alligators..I know here in not so warm and sunny Florida..time is flying by. Chaz and I have set our date for the wedding in Desmoines I owa it is june 15th and I sam so looking forward to getting that ring on my finger we exchanged bands 10 yearas ago..but the whole legal thing is a must now that I am 60 and he is turning 48..I love this man with every fiber of me being..he is my rock, my lover but most of all my friend. I wnated to say thank you for writing ing your blog about my work dilema and all the horrible things that owners do to employees..I will always be your friend..havey and rita too..and your other half also…hahahThank you again.

  2. Happy home anniversary to you both!

  3. tornwordo says:

    Happy house anniversary. Can’t believe you moved that many times! We have been in our current place longer than any place I’ve lived as an adult. Almost 7 now.

  4. Raybeard says:

    Many happy returns to your lovely abode. Stay there now! I want to be looking at the place I dream of visiting when circumstances allow it.

  5. wcs says:

    Congrats, guys! It’s a lovely home. I hope to see it again one day!

  6. it’s a FANTABULOUS place to call home; so warm and inviting. I enjoyed my visit to breen acres last july. congrats to all!

    PS – been in my home 13 years next month. it doesn’t seem possible.

  7. Cubby says:

    It’s a beautiful home.

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