I’m joining in, once again, on TMI Thursday, created and instigated by Shawn from Just A Jeep Guy.

If any of my answers surprise you, you must be new to my blog 🙂

1. In Coincidence?
Absolutely. Statistics, Logic and the science of chance (odds) show that sometimes things fall in to place in just the right way so that desirable and unexpected events occur. Even in a universe rife with chaos, similar and desirable moments are bound to happen, eventually. Coincidences are sometimes fun and sometimes wonderful, but they are just that: coincidence.
2. In Magic?
Nope. I think we are constantly learning the laws of the universe and physics and the limits of human perception. The power of persuasion and belief is strong and people can be fooled into believing magic has happened, but I believe it is merely our inability to perceive what is really happening coupled with a skilled illusionist’s abilities to misdirect and fool us. Doesn’t mean seeing a magic show or trick can’t be fun, just means I don’t believe anything magical or mystical is actually taking place, although I’m even more impressed that people can make it look like something magical is happening.
3. In Love at First Sight?
No. Lust at first sight? Yes. Instant connection? Sure. But my understanding and experience of love can’t happen instantly. I do think, sometimes, people feel an instant attraction to one another and that turns into a long term/lifetime relationship that people retroactively consider to be love at first sight. When I first saw my husband walk in a room, I instantly found him attractive and even whispered to the guy next to me “I’m going to marry that guy.” A year later, we started dating and have been together ever since. Love at first sight? Nope. Great coincidence, initial attraction, and cool story? Absolutely.
4. In Soul Mates?

In a certain way, yes. I do believe some people are just so compatible that they connect and stay connected their whole lives. In this sense, I do believe Jeffrey and I are soul mates: I can’t imagine my life without him or not being with him and it feels like he is a part of me. But I don’t think he’s the only one I can feel this way about or him, me. Some of us are fortunate enough to cross paths with people we can connect with this deeply, sometimes, more than once. Happy coincidence, but certainly not a predestined, meant to be, once in a lifetime kind of way.

5. In Miracles?

No. By definition, Miracles require divine intervention. I don’t believe in the divine, so I don’t believe in Miracles. Something may be highly unlikely or extremely improbable, but it can still happen, theoretically, and something is only “impossible” until it happens. Just because we don’t understand why or how things happened when our limited knowledge or common sense tells us it shouldn’t happen, doesn’t make it miraculous, just amazing. When we label things as miracles: surviving a car crash, getting pregnant, getting help we need when none seemed possible, recovering from a lethal disease…this stuff happens sometimes…it just doesn’t happen all the time to us. It’s not miraculous, just unexpected, unlikely, and amazing. Centuries ago, cars, airplanes, computers, most of our life saving medical procedures, and air conditioning might seem miraculous to people. What seems miraculous to us now may be common place in the future. Miracle is just a colorful way of describing mysteries we just don’t understand yet.

6. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Not exactly. Being away from my loved ones, friends, dogs and home make me appreciate them more and miss them, but I’m not sure my fondness actually increases; it just becomes more prevalent. I don’t believe you can create or increase fondness through absence; I think you can just…cause it to surface.

7. In Life After Death?
Nope. I think we’re all energy and molecules and matter and particles…we come from the universe and we return to it. Our consciousness may dissipate, but our substance just returns to its base form when we cease to function. Sure, I could be wrong, but in the absence of any testable, provable evidence, logic dictates there is nothing beyond death.

In God?

Not even in a fox hole.

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8 Responses to TMI Thursday: DO YOU BELIEVE?

  1. RG says:

    Don’t believe in magic? You muggle. 😉

  2. Tony D says:

    no surprises there, just relief!

  3. JimA says:

    We have so much in common my friend! I always love reading your blog.

  4. justajeepguy says:

    I see life after death just as you do, although I do think we also go on in the contributions we made and lives we touched.

    As for Love at first sight, I think your comment to your friend proves that you do. The first time I saw Ross I lost my breath and had to sit down. It took me 20 mins to be able to stand – and he was/isn’t all that attractive. If you asked me that night if it was love at first site, I’d say NO WAY! and it took a while for it to be love but it was that initial spark. I’ve never been in love with anyone without it.

    • Sassybear says:

      Nah, I didn’t love him the minute I saw him. Didn’t even know him. I stand by my assertions. But I respect your right to disagree and your experience has clearly convinced you otherwise.

      I agree with your idea of living on in legacy…I took your questions literally, not figuratively 🙂

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