Idle Crow

This weekend we had the luxury of having a blogger buddy visit us at Breen Acres.

Richard aka “Torn Wordo” of Sticky Crows was one of the first bloggers I started reading and following regularly. We got to meet him and his husband, Serge, a few years back when we visited with another blogger friend who also lived in Montreal. This time, he came our way (sans hubby Serge and Georgie the wonder dog) but it was still great to visit with him solo. We managed to squeeze in some light shopping, lunch, a cocktail party with my local buds, a breakfast, puppy time and a great movie (“This is 40” starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Torn recommended it so we gave it a watch and I laughed through it the whole way.)

It really thrills me that I have gotten to make friends with people from all over whom I would never have met had I not decided to blog. Richard foolishly invited Jeffrey and I to come visit him and the family in Montreal. Little does he realize, we probably will.

Here are a few pics we took before he departed. No shock that the puppies were smitten with him. Certainly hope he’ll come back for a visit again, maybe even with with Serge and George in tow.




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