Be it ever so humble


My work week begins again after a long weekend of bowling, buddies and booze. Although I am not thrilled to be returning to my soul-crushing place of employment, I am happy to wake up in my own home and bed again; to shower in my own bathroom, see my dogs in the morning (wake up with them next to me, in fact), brew coffee in my own kitchen and enjoy the early morning house sounds that have become a part of my morning experience.

I am fortunate to truly enjoy being home with my family. I know some who don’t and will choose to stay away longer on vacations if they could, or will work more years rather than retire and be stuck at home.

Not me. As much as I enjoy traveling and adventure, I always look forward to coming home again, especially if I’ve been away from my dogs. I feel most comfortable and at ease surrounded by my own space and belongings.

Home is where the heart is and my heart is definitely here.

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6 Responses to Be it ever so humble

  1. Shawn says:

    If I remember correctly, you have an anniversary at Breen Acres about this time….coming shortly correct?
    It’s so great to read how much you have grown into a wonderful life there.

    • Sassybear says:

      You are correct, handsome sir! We closed on the house Feb 9, 2012 and although we were moving back and forth for a few weeks between homes, we consider March 1st our official date of full, permanent residency at Breen Acres. So we will have lived there one full year as of this Friday. Want to come help us celebrate?

  2. wfregosi says:

    Years ago for Christmas I bought Fritz an American folk-art style mirror with the saying “Go out for Adventure, come home for love” carved into the frame. I wanted him to know that while I have a lot of interests and places I travel for performances, that he and our home and our cat are are my center. At heart I’m a very domestic guy. I love whatI wrote.

  3. Will says:

    Yes! Several years ago I found a hand-carved American folk-art mirror and gave it to Fritz for Christmas. It had “Go out for adventure, come home for love” carved on it, and I wanted him to know that home and he are the center of my life. And our cat, of course. It’s the three of us all the way. I like what you wrote.

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