Home from Homo Bowling

We are back from our weekend in Connecticut, bowling, for the second time, in the Annual IGBO Sweetheart Invitational. This year’s theme was “My Bloody Valentine.”


Our team decided on the name “Just 4 Men”.  J, U, S & T being the initials of our first names and we were 4 men….nice and simple. This was the logo I designed for our tees:


This was our team at the tournament, sporting our swanky tees:




 Jim, was there, too and stayed with me and Jeffrey, although he had to leave before the banquet Sunday evening (Boo!):


I almost had a totally great bowling weekend. Although I never expect to place or win in any of the categories, I did have a goal: to bowl my average or higher in all games. We bowl 9 games: 3 as singles, 3 as doubles, 3 as a team. I bowled above my average for all 3 games each in singles and doubles, and 2 out of 3 games for team. But I bombed, humiliatingly, in the second team game and it kind of bummed me out for the third game, although I recovered and did better by the final frame of game three, ending above average for my final game. Jim stayed to watch and support us (his team bowled in the morning so I was his cheerleader, our team in the afternoon so he was mine). Once bowling was done, Jim headed home (Boo!) and the rest of us freshened up at the hotel,  then headed over, as a team, to the banquet. It was fabulous as last time: appetizer, buffet, open bar, dinner buffet and then raffles and awards. We had a lot of fun sitting at the table, cracking jokes with our team and other table mates.



We headed home this morning. When I got in the car, I realized I had broken my final pair of sunglasses and had to wear the “emergency car back up pair” that made me look like a bad 70’s comedy cop:


Although we had a great weekend with good friends, I was glad to come home today and see my little buddies Rita and Harvey. I think they missed me almost as much as I missed them.




We look forward to returning to the Sweetheart Tournament in 2014!

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4 Responses to Home from Homo Bowling

  1. The reflection of your sunglasses in the reflection of your sunglasses in the reflection of your sunglasses……

  2. Raybeard says:

    They look so very cute. I bet you got one hell of a face-licking from them.
    And did the doggies welcome you back too?

  3. Urspo says:

    what splendid T-shirts !

  4. looks like fun, and I LOVE the logo! HOW can you leave those puppy faces?

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