I made it home from CT Sunday, but not before another round of shoveling to clear out the snow wall the plows had created in front of Jim and Ken’s driveway. Despite being tired and sore, I dragged myself to bowling Sunday night and actually bowled well ( for me.)

I stayed home sick yesterday. (Cold-ish type thing?) Despite not feeling well, I managed to get a lot done before collapsing into a deep nap with the puppies. Then, Jeffrey and I had a nice evening last night, with the dogs, by the fire, eating pasta, drinking Reisling and watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey.

Today was a holiday for us (NY State gives its employees a holiday for Lincoln’s Birthday) so I am getting an extra day to finish a few projects and rest up for the big weekend coming up, in Wallingford, Connecticut, where we will be bowling in the IGBO Sweetheart Tournament for the second time. (We missed it last year, as it fell on the same weekend closing of our house.)

Just thought I’d fill you all in on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

Hope everyone is well!

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3 Responses to Hello

  1. Hopefully your cold-ish type thing has passed!

  2. I wondered when you were going to make it home to jeffrey and the puppies. CT and MA got some serious shit snowfall; we got 1/2 inch. meh.

    • RG says:

      Don’t you hate it when you’re expecting something really big and what you get is totally the opposite? No wait…sorry…you’re talking about snow….never mind. LOL

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