Mad Hatter

I’m in Connecticut with my friend Jim (and his hubby, Ken) riding out the big storm while Jeffrey is home in NY enjoying a bachelor weekend and watching the dogs waiting for the storm to swoop in there.

Between cocktails and homemade meals and snacks, I finished a black beret…



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5 Responses to Mad Hatter

  1. Robin says:

    Just too freakin cute. I need you in my living room. Hope you’ve dug out by now and are back home snuggling with Jeffrey and the kids 😉

  2. Raybeard says:

    I much prefer the top look, with something of both a Russian shako and a fez – while the lower one looks like it’s detumesced (though the latter might work if you wore a stripey tee-shirt and wore a string of onions round your neck).

    I take it that you’ve got your shovel at the ready. It’s top news here even though it hasn’t happened yet. (Or maybe it’s started by now?).

  3. Urspo says:

    my vote is for the first topper.

  4. Gary D. Eaton says:

    Wee Wee the beret turned out great..I knwo with the noreaster coming in you will need it and wine…lots and lots of wine…hahahah love ya Gary

  5. well just look how handsome you are in your new crochet beret! stay safe there in CT! smooches! 🙂

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