Nice for my Nose

The smell of….
The air just before it rains

New Books

New Comic Books

Art Supply Stores


Pencil Shavings

Freshly Painted Room

Interior of New Cars


Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh baked Cookies

Brewing Coffee

Irish Spring Soap

A man just after he showers, before he puts on cologne or deodorant

A man after a long day at work with the natural musk of a day on him

Fire in a fireplace

A burning campfire

Freshly cut grass

Freshly sanded or cut wood


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6 Responses to Nice for my Nose

  1. RG says:

    Bacon cooking in the early morning
    Wet dog after a long walk in the rain
    Pine cleaner and boot polish at the same time (it’s a boot camp thing)
    The sheets and pillows after doing the nasty
    After a rain on a fresh cut lawn
    Honeysuckle on a warm day
    New car smell
    Old car smell
    The Middle Eastern food truck by my office
    Sheets after drying in the sun
    Pool towels after they’ve dried in the sun
    A roaring campfire in a damp forrest

  2. Urspo says:

    the olfactory system links directly to the oldest parts of our brain, and to the emotional bits; so smells usually evoke an emotion and autonomic response before we consciously know what it is; we feel before we realize. Smells are so important this way.
    BTW < smelling crayloa crayons for many people is so soothing/joyous it can lower your BP.

  3. vanilla
    wood planks (heh heh heh, “wood”)
    charcoal grill cooking something good to eat
    fresh squeezed citrus fruit (lemon, orange, lime)
    indian spices used for chicken tikka masala
    hot fresh pepperoni pizza

  4. justajeepguy says:

    skunk and horse shit – from a distance!
    a baby
    Truvy and Tramp after a walk in the rain
    Tramp after a morning at the salon
    a room after sex
    lemon pledge
    fresh sheets
    raked leaves
    christmas trees
    my mom’s perfume

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