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I seem to be having a lot of problems commenting on fellow bloggers’ blog posts. I am used to having trouble when trying to post via my iPhone or iPad (which is why I don’t comment often, since that is how I usually read blogs) but I sometimes even have trouble on my MacBook pro, too (as I did with 3 different blogs last night and this morning.)

I have several options for when I want to post my comments: a Blogger account; an Open ID account; a WordPress and Live Journal account; and the generic “name, e-mail address, web address” option. Regardless for which one I use on which device, it never consistently works and I have grown frustrated typing lengthy responses time after time only to be unable to post the responses and losing them. I feel bad that many of my blog buddies think I never comment on their blogs, and I feel stupid that I can’t figure out how to consistently, easily post a comment from any of my devices, let alone all of them. I know part of it is all the newfangled hoops you have to jump through: word verifications or having to be logged into your WordPress, Live Journal or Open ID accounts, but even when I think I’ve done everything right, inevitably, my attempts get confounded or my responses simply disappear.

Am I really this stupid that I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, or is there some chance others have this consistent problem as well and it’s not just me? Either way, I am continuing to try to find the best and most consistent way to post successful responses easily, especially via my iPhone or iPad, but my patience is growing thin and I’m woefully close to giving up, throwing in the towel and resigning myself to permanent lurker status.


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10 Responses to No Comment

  1. Troubleshooting assistance here; Do you always read/comment from home, on your home network?

  2. wcs says:

    We know you’re out there! REALLY out there! lol

  3. Urspo says:

    I admit I miss your comments; they always made me light up andsmile and feel wonderful just for getting one from you. So for selfish reasons I hope you sort through the muddle.

  4. Cubby says:

    When I have problems like that and the blog I want to comment on allows anonymous commenting, I just sign my comment with a “-Cubby”.

  5. I am not having trouble posting comments with my windows laptop; could it be your apple products? and thanks for letting us know what’s happening.

  6. Raybob says:

    This happens to me, too, and I don’t know quite how to get around it. I mostly just read these days, hoping I can remember a post by the end of the day when I can get to our big desktop machine to comment. Mostly I forget.

  7. JimA says:

    This is good to know… I thought you didn’t love me anymore! 😥

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