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It is my “Friday” as tomorrow is my pass day. It’s been a long, cold week. I have made it to the gym 8 days in a row and plan to keep going, but it is kicking my ass a bit as I have been “off the wagon” for almost a year. I have 30 pounds to lose so that’s pretty much all the motivation I need, although having a long distance “gym buddy” (Jim) via text helps. Jim has been great about texting me each morning to be sure I’m going every day.

Speaking of Jim, he’s coming to spend the weekend and help me re-arrange my office. I have no doubt there will be a few cosmos and plenty of fun along the way, as well. But not TOO much fun, as we’re both trying to be good and watch what we eat. I’m sure Jeffrey will point and laugh at us both from the sofa, as he grabs another hand of chips. He can be evil like that.

Hope you are all well, staying warm if your in the cold regions, staying cool if your in the warm ones, and having plenty moments of happiness or joy through out your days and weeks. Remember, there’s only one life, so make it count.

Peace and cookies.




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9 Responses to We-kind

  1. D@vid says:

    Was out of town for 4 days… glad you’re chugging along. I’m envious, jealous and…. proud of you. I need to take a page from your playbook, since I haven’t started back to the gym yet. Tomorrow hopefully.

  2. Shawn says:

    Cold here in normally warm San Diego.
    I need a hot body to warm me up! any takers?

  3. I’m playing catch up on reading. And in reverse order.

    But congrats on making it to the gym, and it definitely helps to have someone keep you on track when you need it.

  4. RG says:

    @urspo: So does that mean your breath is going to smell like Charlie Brown, or perhaps Lucy? Bwaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

  5. RG says:

    Personally, if I was Jeffrey, I would enjoy a big bowl of ice cream instead of the potato chips – it’s more satisfying AND has more dieter torture factor. LOL

  6. Urspo says:

    what sort of cookie?

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