Jeffrey and I went to see this today:


Alex Ross is my favorite Comic Book artist. His talent both inspires and intimidates me. To me, his work is what all comic artists, including myself, should aspire to emulate. It is as if superheroes were created for Alex Ross to draw and paint.  Every comic I own with his artwork is like my own little masterpiece. Walking through the exhibit,  seeing so much of his art work collected in larger than life imagery, had my heart pounding.

Probably the most fascinating part was seeing art work he did at various stages of his life, from drawings when he was little to things he drew in his teen years.  He even made his own cardboard action figures.

It made me regret not saving all of my artwork I have done throughout my life.

It was a great experience, indeed.



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2 Responses to Exhibitionist

  1. He’s an amazing artist.

    I keep hoping his artwork will make it on exhibit somewhere near hear. Alas, I don’t see that happening. 😦

  2. Richard says:

    Amazing artwork! I wish I was there with you to see it!

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