Nothing new

We skipped a party we were invited to last evening and stayed home. I wasn’t feeling up to a crowd, party or late night. We went to bed about 9:30 and did not stay awake to toast at midnight or any such hullabaloo.

Day one of the new year was spent mostly watching Season 3 of “Misfits.” We did complete one project (moving a book case from our bedroom to the basement) but that’s as productive as it got.

We were not happy to see our household annual take-home income has decreased by almost $5000.00. The good ol’ American dream folks: the longer I work at a job I hate, the less money I bring home. I’ll start stocking up on cat food…the future’s not looking so bright.

Happy 2013.


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3 Responses to Nothing new

  1. RG says:

    May I recommend Purina Cat Chow – it doesn’t have that nasty aftertaste that Iams has.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    The reality is that Congress will pass a budget that won’t result in a tax increase, and even if they do it 2 weeks from now, they will make it retroactive to Jan 1 so it will have no real affect on people’s paychecks. Sorry you didn’t celebrate NYE.

    • Sassybear says:

      The reality is that our paychecks were $200.00 less today when they went in. So, yes, we were literally, financially impacted.

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