Our one seasonal tradition is to go out to breakfast the morning before X-mas and leave the waitress a very big tip. I don’t know why we do it. We just do. Our waitress was very nice this morning and she seemed very excited to get a $50.00 tip. It’s the little things….

We spent the day lounging and watching stuff on Netflix, as I’m still not feeling “intestinally sound.”

We are at my Mom’s tonight. She has an open house every X-mas Eve, so we almost always make an appearance and, given that we are 5 minutes away now, it would have been hard to avoid it this year. It’s a small house with lots of noise, clutter and people and by the time we get home, the peace and quiet of our home will be a welcome relief. But it makes her happy for us to be here, so we grin and bear it.

Mostly, I want to be home with our dogs.

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3 Responses to Eve-ning

  1. Raybeard says:

    A very Happy Xmas, S/b – and to Jeffery ,as well as to your two little ones (how could anyone possibly forget them?) Have an especially lovely day..

  2. Gary Eaton says:

    I took my 82 year old mother out for Christmas night dinner early, She is in a wheel chair and it is really difficult to get her around, But I let her pick the place and we had a great meal,
    I too stuck a fifty in a little christmas card for our waitress..she was so accomadating with the wheelchair and took really good care to make sure my mother had a great meal. I slipped the card into the reciept book and she came back almost in tears..Hugged my mother, told us she had just lost her mother 3 weeks ago and she thought what she would give just to take her mother out one last time. She could not believe the card or the tip said as long as she had been a waitress…noone had ever done that before…told my mother what a wonderful son she had….One day that wheelchair will be empty…but my heart will be full.

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