Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been busy with holiday stuff, as you can imagine.

I took Friday and Monday off and have Tuesday off for Christmas so it’s a nice long weekend. Yay!

There have been a few really nice moments so far.

Thursday night I hosted a small “work gathering” for an ex (because he’s retired) co-worker who has been battling cancer. We decided to cheer him up with a night of friendship, food and laughter. I think it worked.

Friday, my dear friend Jim came up and I had an “early Christmas” with him on Friday (after we ran out so I could finish up my shopping for Jeffrey.) We did the lights, fireplace, music and pajamas for our gift swap. We’ll continue that celebration next weekend with the three of us, but Jim has become one of my closest friends and I really wanted to do something special for/with him. He stayed overnight and he introduced Jeffrey and me to one of his favorite movies: “The Towering Inferno.” Nothing infuses you with holiday spirit like watching Richard Chamberlain kick people to their deaths, then fall to his own, outside a burning skyscraper.

This morning, after Jim left, Jeffrey ran out to do some shopping while I crawled into bed with the dogs and a pile of comics, but quickly nodded off and slept for awhile, only to be woken up in a touching manner: a friend stopped by to drop off a tin of cookies and wish us a Happy Holiday.

Then, Jeffrey came home and we spent the day resting and watching episodes Star Trek: TNG and Angel, and I read more comics.

Unfortunately, during/in-between some of all of this, I’ve been having some health issues that have kind of kept me laid up a little bit. They started Wednesday night after I got home from the second “gay night” in Troy (at a local bar that is otherwise a “straight” bar but is hosting a once a month gay night organized by a local gay man since Troy does not have a gay bar.) I developed a sudden and serious blockage and was up until 330 am until it started to resolved. Exhausted and sore, I crawled into work but left at noon because I just couldn’t stay the day and needed to get some sleep before our guests arrived Thursday night.

I seemed ok most of Friday during my and Jim’s shopping and gift swap, but after a light lunch, my symptoms came back and I spent the rest of last night and all of today in discomfort, unable to eat much and sapped of energy. My friend, Tom, stopped by a little while ago and dropped off a bottle of vodka and Ex-Lax to help me get better. What a joker.

I hope I’m better by Christmas Eve/Day as we go to my Mom’s on the eve, and will be hosting dinner/cocktails on the day for a couple people.

I bit the bullet and deactivated my Facebook account and I’ll see how that goes. Honestly, it’s been a nice break. We shall see if its permanent or not.

I hope you all survived the Mayan Crap, had a good Yule, enjoy your Christmas weekend and/or are at least are doing well and enjoying your time, home, loved ones, family and or pets!

Peace Love and Pride.

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4 Responses to Respite

  1. I hope you’re feeling better.

    And may your deactivation last longer than mine did.

  2. Urspo says:

    peace love and pride to you too dearie.

  3. greetings of the season! go check out my last post – there is something special for you at the very bottom (heh heh heh, I said “bottom”). smooches!

  4. Gary Eaton says:

    I will miss you on facebook, but I always read your blog…and you have my email..take care of yourself , feel better soon…happy holidays..Gary

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