Mandatory periodic post so I don’t get ousted from bloggerdom

Yesterday, I  spent the day finishing the painting of our living room, something that desperately needed doing but did not get done prior to moving in due to a crazy alteration to our move in plan. A mere 9 months later, we now have a richly-hued living room instead of the bland white one we’ve suffered with far too long. We celebrated by going to dinner at Sciortino’s the new pizza/Italian restaurant that has opened in the prior Miss Albany Diner. I have mixed feelings. Glad to get to revisit our old haunt, sad it is not the place we once knew. Still, we’ve been back twice in one week so I guess it’s wormed its way back into our hearts. FYI: Best pizza in Albany.

Sciortino’s Nee Miss Albany Diner. Same great ambiance, but everything else has changed.

I woke up this morning and faced the struggle of whether to stay comfy in bed or get up and start the day.

My two crazy canines didn’t help. They decided to wrestle while sitting on top of my chest, both pinning me down and entertaining me.

We finally got ourselves up, showered, dressed and out the door. We had a list of places we hoped to hit, and were pleased the weather was surprisingly warm.  After a quick breakfast at our favorite local diner (Country View), we headed to Potter Hill Barn (NOT Pottery Barn,) a fabulous little store with oodles of crafts and unique items. We picked out and purchased a few items, then headed on to our next pottery shop. (The name escapes me.) While inside, I got a call from my Mother, so stepped outside to take it (as polite phone users are wont to do.) Jeffrey snapped this pic of me chatting with mumsie on this faboo bench.

We hit a cute little antique store (with a fantastic kitchen buffet we ALMOST bought, but decided against it when we discovered it was $100.00 more than the price we thought it was), then decided to quench our growing thirst at a nearby Stewart’s. This sign, plastered on the phone booth, gives you an idea of the type of town in which we now live:

After this, we stopped by the new Planet Fitness that opened just minutes from our house and checked out the layout. I can’t wait to start working out there.  On our next leg of the journey, we hit a Home Good store and picked up our very first holiday decor items for our first Christmas at Breen Acres. As our house is now painted in colors we have not worked with before, neither traditional holiday colors of red & green nor personal favorite holiday palate purple & green are options, so we found a slew of autumnal colored decorations to work with. Woohoo!

Then it was onto Micheal’s Arts & Crafts for a picture frame, Earthworld for my weekly stash of Comics, then  home for a quick breather. Our brief respite was disturbed by a knock at the door. It was the daughter of the woman who owns (but no longer lives) in the house next door. The house next door is going up for sale (yes, you read right, the house next door to the world famous Breen Acres is up for grabs. Who wants to nab a once in a lifetime chance to be our neighbors?)  and the daughter was in the neighborhood today,  getting it ready for sale. She stopped over to offer us an extension ladder for free, as she didn’t know what to do  with it. We graciously accepted and ran next door to get it before heading out to get Rita’s nails clipped at a nearby Pet Smart, where we discovered Rita has a barking compulsion in the presence of other dogs, that we’ve not previously experienced. Oy vey.

Now I’m home, enjoying some post-frozen-pizza-for-dinner comic book reading  by the fireplace in the bedroom, watching Big Bang Theory, with the puppies snuggled close by while hubby enjoys an Ol’ Miss football game in the freshly painted living room. (Blech!)

My footsies, comics and fireplace




And that, my friends, is a day in the life of Idle Eyes.

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12 Responses to Mandatory periodic post so I don’t get ousted from bloggerdom

  1. wcs says:

    A busy day indeed! I’m glad the old diner is back in business, even if it is a pizza place. Pizza is one of my favorite food groups, by the way. The next time I’m back in town, I want to go check it out!

  2. Shawndaddy says:

    I have nipple clamps!!!!
    Should I take them to Palm Springs?

  3. Looks like a nice cozy weekend.

    I saw this and totally thought of you! I am apparently Kyle Rayner.

  4. Urspo says:

    I did not get past the stay comfy in bed photo.

  5. raybeard says:

    Well that should keep us going for some time. Ta!

  6. looks like a great day!

    let’s see the new living room color, please! you had discussed painting back in july…

    and on my next visit, we are SO going to the MAD; love the decor!

    smooches to all at breen acres!

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