Celebration Time!

We have 4 more years with a president who succeeded despite a party who fought him every step of the way. Imagine what he’ll do in the next 4 years with 4 years of wisdom and experience under his belt. I feel as hopeful now as I did when he was first elected. He’s not perfect, and he has a lot to do, but I really believe we will be better in 4 years than we are now. And just as important, he blocked an administration that would have destroyed so much of what we all worked for so long and hard to achieve. I think of all the women, elderly, disabled, financially struggling, unemployed, and lgbt people in my life and I can sleep better tonight knowing they do not have an enemy in the white house.

Here’s to the future, my friends. It definitely looks brighter from where I’m standing…

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6 Responses to Celebration Time!

  1. Urspo says:

    after months of tension – and periods of despair – I feel some relief.

  2. RG says:

    I love all the conservative talking heads on teevee exploding. They just can’t believe PO won the election and by a wide margin too! That’s what happens when you believe your own bullshit and not what’s happening in the real world. Did anyone catch Karl Rove pull a nutty during election night coverage? It was PRICELESS! Bwaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Yes, I’m gloating. Fuck ’em. LOL

  3. Raybeard says:

    Brilliant news for you, for ALL Americans, and for the entire world, S/b. Yes, now I trust you can catch up on some of that sleep. You deserve it. Well done U.S.A.!

  4. we the people have spoken!

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