I am prone to getting overwhelmed…normal every day life can do it, but throw in a few out of the ordinary events and extra goings-on and I can completely buckle under the weight of it all.

Lately, I have had a lot of life things going on that, in and of themselves, are not too extraordinary, but en mass, for a person like me, can be quite crippling. So I’ve had to take a breather and step back. Blogging didn’t make the cut of “essential things I must do to function each day.” Instead, I have focused on getting myself to work every day, keeping my house in order, taking care of my dogs and being attentive to a handful of people in my life I am closest to.

Ultimately, there are negative things in my life I am trying to expunge or change, positive things I am trying to focus on or enhance and some things that are not good or bad…just different.

Until such time as I can pull myself together, I may be a bit silent here. I’m still keeping up with all of your blogs and comments. I’m just stepping back a bit and trying to handle things one step at a time, one day at a time, one item at a time.
I won’t be away long, and probably not completely. Just going to post infrequently for a while.

Bear (no pun intended) with me, if you will.

Peace Love and Pride,

Idle Eyes aka Sean

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5 Responses to Space

  1. That’s a feeling I understand as of late. Maybe taking a break is good sometimes.

  2. Shawn says:

    We love you dear.
    Taking care of ones own self is very important.
    Always here if you need.

  3. JimA says:

    Take all the time you need. I think we all go through something like this… and you’re taking care of what matters most to you.

    Your blogger friends will always be here for you.

  4. Raybeard says:

    S/b, I lie not when I say that only this morning I was wondering about you – and whether I ought to send you an e-mail of enquiry. Now all is clear – and perfectly understood. I do hope you can soon get back to your usual chirpy self that we love – and resume posting your blogs that entertain and lift us. I fully appreciate that you’ll only get back to us when you’re ready – and that is the most important thing.
    Meanwhile, smooches to you – as well as to the two furry ones (or three, including Jeffrey).

  5. we’ll “bear” with you; take care of yourself and superjeffrey and the puppies. just check in every so often so we know you haven’t been carried off by the gypsies.

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