Crash and Burn

Well, the recommitment to a thinner, happier me got off to a great start but, one party and three houseguests later, I was reminded why it’s not always the best idea to enter into a strict eating and exercise program when you have a week-long string of entertainment responsibilities and commitments. So, I’m starting from scratch…again…this morning.


However, despite the barely out-of-the-starting gate backslide, I still managed to lose 1.2 lbs in the last 7 days. It’s not the 2 lb per week goal I set for myself, but there were two worse scenarios – no weight loss or weight gain – so I’ll take it. Here’s hoping this week goes better and my weigh in next Monday is less disappointing.


It was a pleasure hosting Thom (formerly of his “Bald Thoughts” Blog) and his partner Richard, at Breen Acres, who arrived just days after we said good-bye to Anne Marie. I have some fun photos to share, at a later date. Thom is one of my “met a blogger friend and became real life friends” success stories and I am always happy to see him again and visit with him when we get the chance.

Unfortunately, the great family photos Thom took of Jeffrey, Harvey and me before he left are now (as he put it) “outdated”, since we headed to a dog adoption clinic right after they left and came home that same day with Rita Mae.

Rita seems to be happy in her new home. She has not learned her name yet, but responds to whistles and any generic enthusiastic call we make to get her attention. She is extremely affectionate, wagging her tail and kissing us and cuddling up next to us without hesitation, moving from one lap to the next with a slow-paced saunter. She is the complete opposite of the 4-pound dynamo we got in Harvey in every way, but shows signs of increased activity with each passing day. Hopefully, she and Harvey will meet in the middle somewhere as she gets more comfortable and he gets a little less hyper with age (assuming he does.) There is a thrill with having a second dog in the house that is impossible to explain if you are not a pet owner with multiple animals yourself. It is a whole different dynamic and energy level and really cements the realization and fact that we are now, truly a dog family. It is an entirely possible scenario that we may add one more 4 legged child to the mix, but that remains to be seen and is a story for another day. For now, I want to bask in the joy of the addition of Rita to our home and do everything I can to get her up to speed on learning her name and some basic commands to make communicating with her a bit easier. Also, I want to get some much needed rest, as all the excitement and activity over the last few days has left me extremely depleted and running on fumes. Assuming Harvey and Rita don’t have other plans for me, of course….

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3 Responses to Crash and Burn

  1. Shawn says:

    As an head of householf that has 5 pups, I know the feeling about multiples.
    On the weight….you Lost while entertaining!!!!!…baby steps!

  2. RG says:

    Don’t beat yourself up over the lack of progress for your health goals. It happens. Here’s an idea, since Harvey is so full of pep, you should take him to the gym and have him run on the treadmill.

  3. Congratulations on your growing family! Love yuns!

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