Dog Daze

24 hours after arriving, Anne Marie has not run screaming from our home, so I’m assuming we’re not the worst hosts. Shortly after getting home from the train station yesterday, AM presented me with this beautiful gift: a box of hand died yarn she bought from a  friend of hers on Ravelry. The colors are absolutely beautiful.

My box of rainbow yarn

Last night we knitted, talked, had cosmos, and had dinner take-out from Panchos Mexican restaurant. This morning, we had eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes OJ and coffee before abandoning AM to her knitting and laptop whilst we headed out with Harvey to a dog adoption fair at a local Animal Hospital. We found a dog that we all fell in love with, (Jesse – a rescued Setter) in no small part due to the playful way and Harvey interacted and seemed instantly comfortable with one another.

Jesse and Harvey playing together


In one of those painful, life-lesson moments, we stupidly walked away to discuss and consider adopting Jesse, allowing ourselves a moment to try to consider it objectively, as opposed to being emotionally impulsive.  Although only gone a few minutes, it was enough to allow someone else to swoop in and apply to adopt Jesse. We were heart broken to discover, upon our return to his tent, that this had happened and, although we filled out an application in case that doesn’t work out, we left dejected and angry at ourselves for not just going with our gut. I did follow up with an e-mail to the adoption agency, but I think we just have to except that our moment’s hesitation lost us a great new companion for all of us. Damn!

We returned home, our tail between our legs (pun intended) to discover AM had been busy during our absence: she had actually found enough ingredients in  our house to bake us a pound cake. The house smells amazing and the cake looks delicious.  It’ll be good consolation food.

A pound of cake for a weary heart

I am going to do some more knitting while my teacher and mentor is here to correct the mistakes I keep making. Tonight’s plans are up in the air, but I’m sure cocktails will be involved no matter what.

I just wish I could stop beating myself up over missing out on Jesse.

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6 Responses to Dog Daze

  1. Mark in DE says:

    So glad to hear that Anne Marie has met yet another blogger buddy, and glad that you are benefitting from her generosity. Have fun!! And don’t beat yourself up over Jesse. There are lots of great dogs out there that need homes. You’ll find another terrific companion for Harvey.

  2. Shawn says:

    You were doing the right thing taking a moment. Just as Harvey worked out and somehow ended up with you, so will your next baby.

  3. Raybeard says:

    Can well understand your heart-wrenching near-miss in not getting the dear Jesse. Even though I’d be dwelling on the ‘loss’ in your circumstances, I hope you can manage to put it behind you – and you can channel your emotions into whatever you are going to do with those rainbow wools, which I know you’ll show us.
    Do enjoy AM’s cake and AM’s company – not too mention those further Cosmos you’ll both be downing. Oh, and please pass on my own best wishes to AM herself too.

    • anne marie in philly says:

      smooches, darling! the pound cake turned out delicious!

      • Raybeard says:

        Oh, I’m DROOOOOOOOOLING now! Anyway A.M., you can bake one for me the NEXT time I’m around 😉 when I also hope to be indulging myself with a Breen-created (veggie) breakfast (ref: S/b’s most recent blog).

  4. Urspo says:

    she will be loved; and your heart’s desire is waiting for you as Fate has destined.

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