Crappy work move day three list of pros and cons

Pro: I have discovered a much more pleasant, scenic, peaceful drive to and from work, avoiding all highways, tolls and major thoroughfares, consisting of all back roads lined with homes, trees, scenic fields, a couple bridges and following the Mohawk River in spots.

Con: It adds 10 minutes to my commute, which is already 10 minutes longer than my previous commute, meaning I have gone from a 25 minute commute to a 45 minute commute.

Pro: There are 3 coffee shops within 2 minute walking distance from my building.

Con: None of them are open prior to 7:00 am, which is when I start work.

Pro: I now have state parking (for the first time in my 15 year career with the state) in the garage that abuts my building, which only costs $27.00 a month, deducted from my paycheck, as opposed to the $60.00 I would have had to pay for the monthly garage pass, otherwise, which would still have been less than the $135.00 a month I had to pay in Albany to park.

Con: I still have to pay $27.00 a month for the luxury of parking my car so I can work here.

Pro: There are 4 eateries nearby that would be a nice place to get a break from my office at lunch, enjoy a soda or bowl of soup, cruise the net on my iPad and perhaps enjoy lunch with a friend or two now and then.

Con: The other 300 newly transplanted people in my building have discovered these places, too.

Pro: I have changed my schedule so I am back to getting out earlier 5 out of 9 days of my 2 week work cycle.

Con: With the added driving time, I will actually get home later.

Pro: I am not alone in my misery and feel great empathy from my co-workers who feel the same.

Con: I work with a bunch of miserable people.

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8 Responses to Crappy work move day three list of pros and cons

  1. Urspo says:

    avoid crappy people, coffee, pickpockets and loose women – wise words my father taught me. I have managed to do all of them.

  2. Shawn says:

    I like the last con….”I work with a bunch of miserable people”
    I like this as a challenge….I’d become Pollyanna and relish in the fact that I rub them the wrong way but yet somehow make them feel a bit better! You know, it kinda takes the bitterness out of the piss they seem to taste in their cornflakes!

  3. Raybob says:

    So – you have a beautiful drive to work along the Mohawk River AND more time to enjoy it. You are paying between $33 and $110 LESS to park your car per month where you work, depending on how you figure it.

    It’s all perspective. You find what you are looking for: if you look for the negative, you find the negative. When you look for the positive, you find the positive.

    Change what you are looking for, change your experience.

  4. It’ll all work out fine!

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