Abbey Normal

Jeffrey and I caved to peer pressure and started watching “Downton Abbey” yesterday. We are hooked. It was good thing to watch while we both hacked and sniffled our way through the morning yesterday.

In the afternoon, despite still feeling crappy, I went to my Nephew’s graduation party, at my Mom’s. Jeffrey got a reprieve since he was all contagiony with Strep. I stayed a longer time than planned (considering I was just popping over to make an appearance and drop of a card and our food donation), as 3 of my cousins were there, so we chatted about all kinds of crap. I made it home alive and we spent the evening watching more Downton.

This morning, we defied our colds and headed out in the yard to plant two more trees, re-lay some patio block, and seed and water the lawn. We’re a bit the worse for wear, but glad the weekend wasn’t a total waste. We may be entertaining family in a bit, so I’m off to squeeze in another episode of Downton before we’re invaded.

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One Response to Abbey Normal

  1. Urspo says:

    You need to sit still ! Don’t wear yourselves down!

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