A house of plague

What should be a weekend of much needed yard work (plantings and patio brick laying) interspersed with obligatory family functions (our nephew graduates today) has started off on the wrong foot. I had a minor cold this week that I thought was on its way out until yesterday when it got much worse. I have been hacking and congested and achy since yesterday afternoon. The hubby didn’t feel well yesterday, either and, this morning, woke up with a very sore throat. A trip to the On-Call clinic confirmed it: he has strep throat. Uggh!

So neither of us is feeling like digging around in the yard, let alone going to the graduation party later today. The former we can easily put off; the latter we will have to follow through on, although for a shorter duration. Then we will couch surface with blankets and fluids for the remainder of the weekend, which sucks because it’s gorgeous weather for yard work and our yard is in desperate need of attention.

Harvey is not letting any of this disturb him in the least and seems to be mocking us by managing to sleep soundly even in, what seems to be, an awkward and uncomfortable position:


Down with colds! Blech!

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4 Responses to A house of plague

  1. Here’s hoping you both get to feeling more human soon!

  2. justajeepguy says:

    I hope you both feel as good as Harvey soon but isn’t strep contagious until you’ve had 24-48 hrs of antibiotics?

  3. Raybeard says:

    Dearie me, S/b! Horrible, just plain HORRIBLE! Sending both of you soothing thoughts and sympathies. I’m also waving my magic wand in your direction. Get well soon – or even earlier.

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