Dog Daze

We had to take Harvey to the vet’s today for another round of his puppy vaccinations. He’s gone often enough now, that he recognizes where he is and what’s going to happen.  He seemed OK during and right after his shot, but about 1 minute after he got his shot, he started to cry and yelp like a banshee. Poor guy. This is his him, post shot, looking devastated that we let someone hurt him like that:

Harvey is too small to get up on the sofa without our help, so we bought him steps so he could get up on his own:


Unfortunately, he’s terrified of the steps and doesn’t want to go near them. We spent  a lot of time this evening trying to coax him up and down with treats and help him move up and down them. Here’s Jeffrey trying to help him up the stairs…


Hopefully, he’ll eventually get used to them and use them.

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6 Responses to Dog Daze

  1. wfregosi says:

    You know they’ve completely hooked you when you start buying architectural elements for your animals.

    (Good boy Harvey, you’ve got them right where you want them!)

  2. Shawn says:

    He will figure the step out over time on his own. The longer they are there the more he will be comfortable and when you do not lift him up…..he will figure it out. I have 4 little ones so I have steps to the couch, my bed, the guest bed……

  3. Raybeard says:

    My heart goes out to the little thing, with his ears pinned back like that. I know how you feel in being instrumental in ‘allowing’ him to receive pain. It devastates me too when I have to take my pussies to the vet to get their annual check-up and jab. It feels like I’ve betrayed their trust in me – though, luckily, neither of my little furries seem to feel their injection. But this same feeling of betrayal must be how you feel too. I do hope his distress doesn’t and didn’t last for more than a very few minutes.

    Seeing Harvey in Jeffrey’s hand I still can’t get over how small he is. He’s like a little toy. (Harvey, not Jeffrey!) I wonder if he’ll have grown much more when he becomes an adult. Please give him a kiss for me.

  4. justajeepguy says:

    Truvy had a reaction to her first shots so now (10 years and counting) she gets a shot of benadryl a few minutes before and it both calms her down and prevents reactions to the shot.

    As for the stairs, try getting him to sit on the 1st step and thats all. Use a treat a toy, praise. When he gets comfortable on the 1st step introduce him to the second.

    Those are impressive looking stairs. Truvy will not walk over any non solid surface – manhole covers, metal stair covers – just like me. She is able to jump onto any furniture or even into my jeep so she will not use the stairs that Tramp needs.

  5. Buddy Bear says:

    Poor little guy! I’m sure he’ll get used to the stairs eventually; we’ve done similar things for some of our little dogs and they used them all the time. Harvey might find the wood nosing on the stairs a bit slippery…. It might help if you temporarily covered the stairs with a large beach towel for better grip.

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