Jim’s Pic A Day May: 23 Underoos

The hubby and I received a set of superhero undies as a gift Monday night so, last night, we donned them and cooked and ate dinner superhero style:




*This post is part of a blogger challenge started over at Jim’s Stuff. Check out his blog, as well as the following Bloggers who have joined in:

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Sean at Just a Jeep Guy

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Buddy at One Step at a Time


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7 Responses to Jim’s Pic A Day May: 23 Underoos

  1. Urspo says:

    are there capes to match?

  2. anne marie in philly says:

    undie monday is back (at least for one day)! YAYZ!!!!!

  3. Shawn says:

    Where’s Harvey’s? He looks like he wants a pair!

  4. Raybeard says:

    Both undies are fab, but with that circle on Jeffrey’s, isn’t he wearing his back to front?

  5. JimA says:

    Sexy! You are my superhero!

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