Jim’s Pic A Day May: 5

Today was Free Comic Book Day, an annual event that happens the first Saturday of May every year.  When I stopped by my comic shop Thursday to get my weekly stash, the owner asked me if I was coming to FCBD, and I asked if I could bring Harvey. He said sure, so this morning we cobbled together a makeshift Green Lantern costume for him and headed to Earthworld Comics to get some free swag and show off our dashing super puppy.


The entire Breen Lantern Corps: Jeffrey, me and Harvey at Earthworld.

Harvey’s homemade Puppy Lantern Costume:

a green crocheted granny square, a GL emblem pin, a green collar and a small GL power battery replica collar charm.

He even had a paw size power ring

*This post is part of a blogger challenge started over at Jim’s Stuff. Check out his blog, as well as the following Bloggers who have joined in:

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5 Responses to Jim’s Pic A Day May: 5

  1. Shawn says:

    Y’all is a stealin’ my heart!

  2. BosGuy Blog says:

    Love that first pic of the three of you.

  3. Youse guys (got to practice my New Yawkeress) are so cute! All three of yuns! (That’s my PA dialect.)

  4. Do you set the comic books free? Or do they give away comic books?

    And Harvey looks splendid. As does the rest of the Breen clan.

  5. anne marie in philly says:

    handsome puppy and cute boyz!

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