Jim’s Pic A Day May: 3

Huck Finn’s Warehouse


I see this sign driving into work every day. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has lived in the Capital District at any time since the 90’s has seen or heard of this place. Huck Finn’s touts itself as “the area’s largest retail outlet specializing in any and everything for the home.”

At one time, this was actually a great place to go for inexpensive home furnishings and various bric-a-brac one needed to decorate, or set up, a home. Somewhere along the way, the great prices disappeared and it is now just as expensive, if not more so, than most of the other higher ender furniture stores in the area. We do still go there, on occasion, but rarely find anything we like for an agreeable price. However, there are usually one or two ogle-worthy staff members, and they have a Subway restaurant located inside their store, so we do still stop in now and then for a quick browse, a little ogling and a sub-to-go.

The most annoying thing about HFW is their commercial barrage: literally, every single week, there is a television advertisement for Huck Finn’s “Biggest Sale Ever.” Every time it comes on, even when we’re in opposite ends of the house, we yell out simultaneously, along with the commercial “BIGGEST SALE EVER.” And then spend a few minutes mockingly questioning whether we should rush over and take advantage of this sale before it ends, or just wait 7 days until their next biggest sale ever.

Still, it’s a staple in the area and a place we have grown accustomed to seeing and hearing referenced on a regular basis, so it is part of the fabric of our life and world.

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2 Responses to Jim’s Pic A Day May: 3

  1. Gavin says:

    It’s the humongous savings store! I think Fucillo is HUGE-ly worse than Huck Finn!!!

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