Dining Out For Life

Tonight, we left Harvey at Grandma’s, gathered some friends and headed to Clifton Park to enjoy a dinner out while supporting a worthy cause: Dining Out For Life, a fund raiser for the AIDS Council of Northeastern NY.  We try to go to this event every year – any excuse to eat out with friends, right?

Several local restaurants participate, so our options were plentiful. We chose a restaurant, Wheatfield’s, which we’d never been to at this location, but had been to in another location, the night before our closing in February, and absolutely loved. Much to our disappointment, it was a vastly different and less satisfying experience. Less intimate ambiance, service wasn’t as good, and we were very disappointed that their contributions  to ACNENY ($10.00 of any meal ordered from a very limited menu) was far less than what most other restaurants contribute (10% of the bill from each table, offering anything off their menu.) Regardless, we had a fantastic time with our group of friends, as always.

We are home once again, after picking up our precious pup on the way home, and are enjoying some play time together before we all head to bed for the evening.

One more work day and then we go into full time prep mode for our open house Sunday. Eek!

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