A Long Paws

Life is keeping me and the family busy these days, so my moments to sit and record what’s going on in my life are few and far between lately.

Harvey continues to amaze us with his brilliance, affection, humor and devotion. Every day with him is an adventure. Every moment with him is like a little piece of pure joy. He has completed 3 puppy classes and always meets all the expectations of our trainer.  Every new command he masters with ease.  He has had his first vet appointment and took his two shots like a big boy…no crying or barking at all. He is getting to meet more dogs in his travels and proudly strutted for an hour during his inaugural neighborhood walk. (We’ve kept him in the back yard until now.) He still crates with no fuss while we’re at work during the day and we’ve had to start crating him on weekends when we have errands to run or obligations to meet (harder on me than him, for sure); but Mom takes him when she can and we’ve compensated him for the extra weekend crate time: he now sleeps in bed with us at night. (It was inevitable.)

We are planning for our  (official) housewarming, which continues to grow in scope beyond its original parameters, which is fine by us. bring on the party, I say. It should be fun.

We saw a friend of mine perform at a local pub in our new neighborhood last night. She sings with an Irish band and they did a small “tour” of pubs in the area. It was great to see and hear her.

Today we bowled in a tournament with two of our friends and I did pretty well (for me and my average.)

I am extremely unhappy with my current office and it’s time to move on. I interviewed for a job in a different department of my agency. It would only be a lateral (same grade level and pay grade) but it is a better title and a gateway to promotions and positions in other agencies. I should find out this week if I got it.

I have had some other fun along the way, but you’ll have to use your imagination.

I have 2 visits to look forward to in the near future: a blogger buddy and a long time reader and well known blog fan. I’ll reveal more later but, suffice it to say, I’m excited to see both.

That’s the big stuff. Until next time…

Idle Eyes






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4 Responses to A Long Paws

  1. anne marie in philly says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder who the visitors might be…

    WOOF to harvey!

  2. Raybeard says:

    What a terrific set of pics. He looks so winningly loveable and mischievous. (Wonderful seeing him in his coat.) As he is the luckiest doggie in the Universe by having such fine daddies, I do hope you keep reminding him of the fact. Don’t let him take you for granted.

    “A hundred and one
    ounces of fun,
    that’s my little Harvey-bun. (Wa-waaa)
    Get a load of Harvey-bun to-niiiiiight!……..”

  3. wcs says:

    We started out with Callie in the bed. Then she got big. Ruh-ro. But now she sleeps on the couch (she has a special blanket she sleeps on so the couch doesn’t get dirty) in the bedroom. She’ll come up on the bed once in a while but doesn’t stay very long.

    We tried to crate train her when she was a puppy but she would not allow it. She hated that crate. H-A-T-E-D. Cried, scratched, wrenched out hearts out.

    Good luck with the job!

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