Place Holder

Just checking in…I’m alive and well. Between puppy time and an endless string of back to back social events and obligations at home and out & about, I’ve not had time to sit and compose a proper post.

Harvey continues to be amazing and made it through his first vet appointment (checkup, two shots and nails clipped) with flying colors. His training continues to be successful and he makes us prouder every day.

The house is wonderful and, although we’ve had little time to properly enjoy it, we are so happy there.

We have planned our official open house/housewarming for Sunday April 29th from 1-6. If you’re reading this, you’re invited 🙂

Hope to check in with more soon.

Hope everyone is superiffic! Hugs to all.


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4 Responses to Place Holder

  1. Urspo says:

    I will be there.

  2. Raybeard says:

    Just look at those beautiful liquid eyes! How can ANYONE refuse him what he wants?

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    I delay my open house visit until july!

    WOOF to harvey! who’s a good boy?

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