Calm after the storm

I finally have the time to sit down and write a decent catch up post here at Idle Eyes.

It has been a long and stressful week. We had central air installed, which turned into getting central air and a new furnace installed. It tapped us out, financially, and really upset me, but what’s done is done and I need to let it go.

Today is my “pass day” and first day at home alone.  (Which, of course, means naked day for me.) Other than doing laundry, I have just relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I’ve spent the day reflecting on how much my/our life has changed over the last year or two. Shifts in our social circle, changes in our bowling league, loss of our dog, two moves and a new house. We are about to change locations at my employment which means a new, longer commute for me and an increase in expenses. Where we are now, we’ve been able to carpool together (me and hubby) so that was saving on gas and car wear and tear. We are paying mortgage and rent in our new house and our old apartment for April and May, so between that and the unexpected expense of a new furnace, we have had to cancel a few more planned activities and trips and tighten our belt. June 1st should see our first month of relief and we hope to recover as quickly as possible, financially, physically and emotionally.

On the plus side, we have a beautiful new home, a fabulous new dining room set, central air and a new, more efficient furnace. I have done a few home repairs which have bolstered my confidence that I am not completely helpless in the handyman department, and we’ve already had a handful of fun gatherings at Breen Acres.

Everyone has been extremely complimentive in our new house. I know, for us, purchasing and settling into a new home is a labor of love and I hope it shows in how much we have thought out how we’ve decorated and furnished it. It is not fancy and it was never our intent or desire to have a “show home.” We want a place we can enjoy living in and a place our friends and guests feel comfortable being in and staying at.

With the new outdoor space, we have a great entertaining venue and I am looking forward to the cookouts and parties we hope to have all summer. I’m bummed about having to wait on the hot tub but,  given the choice, we chose to focus on making the house better for our guests and the hot tub was really more for our own personal use and enjoyment…although we hope to afford at least a 4 seater so we can have smaller, intimate hot tub parties with various friends and guests.  All in due time, I suppose.

We have a friend who is a landscape artist. He came by for a consult and will help us make our yard more private, attractive and enjoyable to be in. We hoped to get started right away, but the unexpected expenses have forced us to hold off on hiring him as soon as we liked. He was very understanding.  In the meantime, we have a couple of friends who are experienced in many handyman and maintenance skills, who have offered to help us with a few projects: giving our screened in back porch a face lift, removing a dying tree from our back yard and removing some work benches and an unnecessary ramp from our garage so there is enough room to park both of our cars in, by next winter.  This is a huge thing (a garage) for those of us who live in snowy areas – if we can park both cars in our garage, we don’t have to clean off our cars in the winter when it snows or scrape ice off them and it is easier to hire a plow service without having to get our cars out of the way.

I have a nephew that lives a few miles away who has asked if he could earn extra money by helping us with various projects and mowing our yard. That will be a help to both of us and I am always happy to pay friends and family as opposed to strangers, if the jobs aren’t too involved.

All in all, it has been worth it to do the work and spend the money we have. I am really looking forward to our first house guests (any takers out there in blogger land?) and just enjoying our home more. It really feels like we’ve started a new journey together and I look forward to filling this home with the laughter, memories and celebrations that enrich our lives.

I have got to get back on track with my eating and exercise. I have had a relatively good run of stable health recently, but our eating choices have been dismal and, although I have been on the go with house projects and errands for a couple of months, I need to devote some time to actual exercise, either back at our gym or on a  home gym we hope to assemble this summer. The gym we currently belong to is opening a branch just minutes from our new home, so if that happens soon enough, we hope to use it.

On a final note, we have realized that we are ready and eager to adopt a new four legged friend to share our home with and have begun the process of seeking out adoption clinics and rescue organizations for the right dog(s) for us. It is our hope to adopt one dog and then, after about a year, get a second one, although if we were discover 2 dogs that are from the same home or family, we would consider a double adoption at the same time. It will be great to have a furry, four legged friend or two to greet us when we get home, snuggle with us in bed and shower us with that unlimited, unconditional love that only a dog can. I still miss Clyde terribly and think of him every day, but we are emotionally ready to replace our feelings of loss with love and affection for a new friend.

As always, your constant words of support and encouragement have been a great help to me through this transition and I appreciate you all coming back despite my limited posts and on again/off again blogging. I have come to think of many of you as friends and I have enjoyed branching out into texts, e-mails and Facebook connections with many of you. I hope to meet more of you this year if time and money allow, but if I can’t get to you, I hope some of you will make it here, including both those bloggers I have had the pleasure of hosting and meeting before, and new bloggers and faithful readers I have not had the fortune to meet yet. I have followed you all continuously, despite my lack of commenting and have enjoyed the departure from the roller coaster that has been my life by living vicariously through yours. And, just maybe, we can make that blogger get together happen at Breen Acres that I once tried to make happen at Chez  Breen.

I am going to go and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day in my new home now. I’m wishing you all peace, love, health, laughter, fun, healthy self images, happy adventures in and out of bed and the realization that, no matter how bad or difficult life can get or seem at times, it’s still an awesome adventure and we should all enjoy the ride for as long as we can, as much as we can.

Big Cyber Hugs.

Until next time….

Yours in friendship and blogger buddyness,

Sean , aka Idle Eyes.

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7 Responses to Calm after the storm

  1. An old saying comes to mind: “New house, new baby!” I wish the best to you and Jeffrey on this new leg of your journey! SMOOCH!

  2. Raybeard says:

    With all that you’ve been through in the last few months it’s quite a wonder that you haven’t had a total burn-out, but one can sense an equilibrium returning. We all want to see you back on that even keel.
    If it transpires, can hardly wait to see a picture of your new, sure-to-be-treasured doggie (-s?).

  3. Urspo says:

    that sounds all wonderful! It is great to hear you happy. Yes, get a new pooch. And your photo is lovely! woof.

  4. Cubby says:

    Woo hoo! I’m glad you made a happy home.

  5. Kelly says:

    Congrats on the new digs… I wish we were a bit closer to be the first to break in the new place… the dining room looks fab! I am glad you guys are moving forward in a good way!! Best of luck with Breen Acres!!! smooches and hugs from us VA bois!
    Kelly and Jeff

  6. Shawn says:

    I just adopted a poodle from the local shelter that had been attacked by a dog and lost his eye, had a broken foot plus other injuries. He is incredible. 7 lbs of love and affection. Apparently his previous owner did not take good care of him and was unwilling to pay vet bills so had left him with the shelter. I named him Abner.

  7. anne marie in philly says:

    me me me me me! I volunteer to come up to breen acres! who cares about a hot tub this go round? make me a cosmo and I am good to go! and we can knit/crochet!

    youse guys have been thru so much; it’s high about time you got some good karma on your side. a house, a new pup or two, time together with each other or with friends.

    have a nice weekend! smooches! 🙂

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