When darkness falls

Sometimes it is really hard to hold onto the belief that there are any good, ethical or decent people left on this planet. The stench of betrayal, deception, manipulation, hatred and greed is poisoning the air I breathe and everywhere I turn, I see more and more examples of everything that taints this world and life with misery and pain.

It scares me that the little voice in my head that whispers “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” has gotten louder.

If I ever become anything like the people, and/or exhibit the behaviors, I have grown to loathe, I hope I spontaneously combust.

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4 Responses to When darkness falls

  1. Ray says:

    Hello there, haven’t visited your blog for some time. I saw that a lot had happened. New house, new ring – A big Congratulation to you and Jeff!

    In response to your post, i would like to share with you this story that i read from a Buddhist sutra during my college years.

    Nobody could make Buddha angry very easily. Once when He was passing by, a man wanted to incite anger in Buddha’s heart. He went to Buddha and shouted at Him scorching, painful words of insult. Buddha still appeared to be smiling. It’s said there is aura around Buddha. Even if tiger and deer came into that circle, they would forget their mutual enmity, under the influence of his aura. When the person was shouting all these harsh words, He (Buddha) didn’t take it seriously. After sometime, the man felt great pain in this heart. He was surprised , “I am giving such painful words of insult to the Buddha, and yet instead of him feeling pain, I am feeling the pain. Why?”

    Buddha in turn asked him , “Do you ever get guests at home? The person replied in affirmative. Buddha continued asking him, “So when they come, do you offer some gifts to them?”. The person was affirmative in his response, yet again. “What will you do if they don’t accept?”. The man replied “Who cares? I would keep them with my own self”. Buddha remarked, “That’s what I did with you also; you offered me something(harsh words) which I didn’t accept”.

    So Life is like a mirror. The words which you give will come back to you. We should be careful about what we give to others. Now some one might say “I gave so much love to some person, still that person is rude with me”. No! If you give love to someone, don’t expect love from same person, it may come from somebody else. For example- Dhruva Maharaj was gentle to his step mother. But He was mistreated by her. He didn’t get love from his step mother, but he got love from Krishna later. His mother told him “The Supreme Lord can give you so much love that millions of mothers like me cannot give”. Similarly in our life also, if we become vehicles of love and give love, we will get that love back…

    Source: http://www.ariseindiaforum.org/buddha-gift/

    We have to learn to not accept gifts that could poison our mind, thoughts or ignite the fire (anger) that could consume us and lead us to do harm or say harsh words to other people. Don’t use our standards to judge other people. Not being judgmental => No discrimination => No misconception => No problems. Let our heart be like the bright pretty blue sky that brings happiness to people and sheds a different light on things around us. Yes, sometime the bright blue sky will be cloudy, stormy, gloomy. However, behind all that, the bright blue sky is still there – our true self. Don’t let the passing clouds hide our true self. Ask not what other people has done to my life, ask what i can do to bring a sense of love and positive energy to other people. Always look on the brighter side.

    Now, i can talk the talk but doesn’t mean that i can walk the walk. I need to though….

    Take care me friend. HUGZ!!!!

  2. David says:

    Hehe… you said ‘taint’

    I know how you feel… today, I didn’t get a $14k contract because I don’t have a crew of 17 year olds to jump out of a truck and do a half-assed job. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to not be greedy… to take pride in your work… and take your time. Most times, it doesn’t pay.

  3. I think humanity, as a whole, is quite the despicable race. At least as of late.

  4. Urspo says:

    “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” has gotten louder.
    No not succomb to this abomination. Stay strong and true !

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